Video Review: Goldfrapp "Oh La La"

Video Review: Goldfrapp “Ooh La La”

Circa 1972, a young man presses the record button as the film reel rolls.

Against a sea green background, Alison stands on a clear platform, underneath a large “A,” her back turned the audience. She swivels around, singing. A guitarist, wearing a feathery boa and eyeliner, shrugs his shoulders as he plays.

With her flared, black pants, she lifts her legs up back and forth. The guitarist walks to the second guitarist and leans his back against his. She holds the top of the microphone and points to the “A.” She reaches to the audience with her gloved hand and then holds onto the microphone, moving her legs from left to right.

During the chorus, she and her band pump their right arms.

As white-hot waves shift, she rides a silver tiled horse, shimmering from the coats of glitter.

Back on stage, she sings to the guitarist with the feathery boa. They all clap their hands and pump their right arms. The young man turns off the record button.

Rating: 5/5

Alison and her band had been performing in dive clubs around the United Kingdom when they were discovered. They had developed a cult following and given some interviews to some indie music magazines. One night, following a show, a television producer met her by the bar, exclaiming he was wowed by their performance. He gave him his card and said he wanted them to be on his music program.

Some months ago, they decided it was going to be their final year of performing. They had given the bar owners their notice. Alison had told her parents she was returning home. Her brother already told her he would help her with a job once she got there. After meeting with their manager, they agreed to perform on the show.

Forty-five years later, she sips her coffee and reads an online article from the BBC News, listing their performance on the show as “ultramodern in any era” and that they “created their own edge, slicing it wide open.” She gazes at her platinum records hanging on the wall and smiles to herself.

 Director: Dawn Shadforth Year: 2005

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