Video Review: The Pussycat Dolls & Timbaland “Wait A Minute”

At the Metro Red Line in Los Angeles, California, a couple puts their debit cards in the ATM. Nicole opens her MP3 player and places it on the turnstile. The couple looks up, wondering where the music is coming from.

Timbaland rides the escalator the first floor. On the railing, Jessica, Kimberly and Nicole watch and then hide between the columns. Nicole takes off her sunglasses. Jessica passes the MP3 player to Melody. Nicole, Kimberly and Jessica walk on the platform and pause as Timbaland approaches. They all board the train.

On the train, Nicole plays with her ponytail and gives a little boy her sunglasses. Timbaland purses his lips. Nicole, Kimberly, Jessica, Melody, Carmit, and Ashley open their jackets and swing on the poles. The little boy takes off his sunglasses and his mother covers his eyes. Nicole shakes her butt. They climb along the seats.

In the street, Nicole appears from magenta smoke filtering through the air. She waves her finger as a taxi stops suddenly. Several cars swerve to avoid an accident. Timbaland gets out the taxi and confronts Nicole. Kimberly, Jessica, Melody, Carmit and Ashley climb on the taxi and began to dance. Nicole waves her finger in his face and Timbaland rolls his eyes. She whispers to her friends as Timbaland shrugs off her excuses. Melody shows him the ring. Nicole points to her necklace and then hands him the ring. Then, she takes it back and Timbaland shakes his hand, figuring she would change her mind.

Rating: 4/5

The rules of the relationship between Nicole and Timbaland were set: she sleeps with him and he gives her jewelry. Neither are in it for love. Nicole could care less if he has a wife or girlfriend. Ethics aren’t really a priority. However, some form of respect is required.

Timbaland and Nicole have a spent a week together. However, for Nicole, there hasn’t been any trips to Tiffany’s or Swarovski. No boxes left on the nightstand. Without her compensation, Nicole refuses to answer his calls.

While out in Los Angeles, she runs into him on the way to the record company for a meeting. She and her friends tell him in uncertain terms that she no longer needs his services. Timbaland states that she’s the one pressing for an actual relationship and giving him mixed signals. She deflects, saying there weren’t any diamond earrings left for her. He offers her a necklace, which she says she doesn’t want. Then, she grabs it out of his hand. She giggles to her friends.

Although Timbaland thinks she’s pretty, he isn’t sure how long he can handle her behavior. She has floated an idea of attending a premiere with him but then quickly recanted. The relationship has shifted and becoming something emotional even though Nicole denies it. He wishes he could out in the open about them. However, she thinks it will damage both their careers.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2006

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