Video Review: K. Michelle “Not A Little Bit”

K. Michelle walks around the city and notices a storm cloud lurking near her. She opens her umbrella while the rain pours.

At home, she and her boyfriend talk while sitting at the dining table, admiral blue light shining in from the back window. She stands up and gives him a kiss. Wearing a silver bathrobe she shoves his phone in his face, demanding to know the real name of the contact listed. He says nothing and walks to the back window.

On the sidewalk, the storm cloud hovers only over her.

She sits in the recliner next to the dining table and he picks up his phone on the dining table. He puts his hands on his hips while he looks outside.

Against a chestnut-brown background, she continues to sing as a misty rain falls.

In her sapphire lit apartment, she pours herself a glass of Jack Daniels and relaxes on the couch. She spots a picture frame of her and the now-ex boyfriend on the table next to her. Over her, a storm cloud moves towards to her. It drenches her within seconds.

Wearing a crown, she sits in the bathtub, foamy bubbles up to her chest. A light rain taps against the tiles. After her bath, she finds a duffel bag and packs it with her ex-boyfriend’s stuff and includes the picture frame.

As she walks to his house, the storm cloud follows behind her. She rings the doorbell and drops it on his welcome mat. He opens the door and calls out to her. The rain cloud moves to him.

Rating: 2/5

It has been over a year and K. Michelle still hasn’t taken down the picture frame. Her friends raise their eyebrows each time they visit but say nothing. She says they are friends now and there’s nothing wrong with preserving a memory.

By herself, though, she cries as she drinks Jack Daniels. She fills her glass until the tears are gone. Maybe he wasn’t cheating. It was a genuine friend from work she hadn’t met yet. She overreacted and assumed the worst of him.

While replaying the confrontation in her mind one night, she thinks of how he didn’t deny it. He stood by the window and said nothing. She believed she falsely accused him and that was why he ended it. However, he was embarrassed and ashamed for getting caught. He was waiting for her to yell at him and leave.

With a bit of a buzz, she finds his stuff around her house and packs a duffel bag. Some of it she kept, hoping he would come back for it. However, mostly she liked to remember. She leaves at his house, not wanting anything to do with him anymore.

Director: Alan Ferguson Year: 2016

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