Video Review: Lana Del Rey “White Mustang”

Inside a mansion built on the edge of a cliff, Lana Del Rey stands in the family room, hands on her hips as her boyfriend touches her thigh. She bends down and sits beside him.

She runs her hand along the tree while her boyfriend works on his music in his study. As he examines the notes he’s hearing over his neon boombox, she pulls his long, hair back. She leans on the desk and he continues to press buttons. She walks to the balcony and gazes at the skyline.

At the bar, he plays one final riff on his guitar while his fans cheer. She walks in the middle of the aisle, stirring her drink and kisses him on the cheek on stage. She smiles as she walks back to the bar.

Back at home, she gets into her car and drives off. He runs out of the house and opens the driver’s side of his white Mustang. He follows her to a tunnel. They circle one another and then dance. She pushes him away. Through a skylight, a rocket takes off.

She drives through another tunnel and enters the expressway.

Rating: 4/5

Lana Del Rey has been honored at as patron of the arts at balls held in the city. She has supported the theatre company, helping to start many dancers careers. A longtime friend of the director, she mentions the dancers who stood out to her during the banquets she has attended. After the performances, she would introduce herself and inquire about their aspirations. Many have gone on to become soloists. In their features in dance magazines, she is thanked as a person who believed in them.

She met her boyfriend busking on the street. Each lyric tore through her heart and as she listened, she had to remind herself to breathe. She dropped a hundred into his guitar case and asked him his name. She helped him record his demo and distribute it to the local clubs. Several months later, she invited him to live with her.

With her name, he began to perform as an opening act for concerts and record with state-of-the-art equipment. However, she knows she’s no longer his muse. While on the road, she believes he’s been involved with a few women. She’s a meal ticket to him, a surrogate mother to take care of him when he’s back home.

As she drives on the expressway, she thinks of living in another city for a while to sketch or write some lyrics.

Director: Rich Lee Year: 2017


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