Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “I Get Weak”

In black-and-white, a young man (Tony Ward) moves behind the screen encased in the wall. A spotlight shines on Belinda Carlisle as she places a bouquet of red roses on the floor. He turns to see who is there. She swoons. He flicks open his cigarette lighter.

Underneath the screen, she lies on a bed and rolls on rotating champagne, aqua, parakeet green and magenta sheets.

A heart, with a gray rose in the corner, burns. A parakeet green part of the cloth is tied around her ankles. A champagne cloth covers her mouth. She faints on the bed. She sits on a matching parakeet green chair as the young man gazes at her.

Burning black-and-white photos of the young man fall.

In the room, several women fan themselves and collapse at the sight of him. One woman, her nerves frozen, can’t finish putting on her lipstick. She meets his eye and smiles. In the champagne chair, she touches the screen.

She falls in the air. Two more black-and-white photos with a silver flame drop to the ground. She dances by the screen. Hands massage the young man’s face. Rose petals trickle from the ceiling.

Dozens of women, their ankles strapped with a lavender cloth, strain to touch him on screen. In the center of the melee, she bumps into the other women. The women’s faces whizz by while Carlisle, now in black-and-white, sings.

In the smoke, women trip and fall as they carry their bouquets to him. Carlisle walks towards the screen and discovers she can pass through it. Once inside, she covers his mouth with her hand. He touches her head and pulls him to his chest. They disappear into the smoke as the women continue to try to reach for him.

Rating: 3/5

Only true love could free the young man behind the screen. In black-and-white, he peers into the room, waiting. Belinda Carlisle offers him a bouquet of roses. He studies her, curious by her composure. She seems as lonely as him.

Sent in with a series of women to break the spell, she stares at him and they connect among the ludicrous pining. Viewed as a handsome god trapped between two worlds, women wish to be as immortal as him, giving up their souls to save him. Carlisle, though, sees him as a human inside a cursed world of black magic and danger. She seems prepared, knowing the risks involved.

He opens the screen for her, choosing her as his companion. With a wave of his arm, he covers them with smoke and they disappear into the unknown. Although he knows a rescue is minimal, he has someone brave with him to help him.

Director: Diane Keaton Year: 1988

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