Video Review: Sia “Rainbow”

Maddie Ziegler stands in a lake underneath a teal sky. A yellow ray of light struggles to shine. She stares at her reflection in the water.

From the My Little Pony: The Movie, Songbird Serenade (Sia) sings on stage. Songbird Serenade clomps on stage.

Ziegler looks up and kicks the water with her leg.

On stage, several unicorns appear behind Songbird. The unicorns in the audience watch in awe. Some flap their wings in appreciation. Another unicorn takes a photo. The unicorns bow to Twilight Sparkle.  Three unicorns fly from the clouds back into their village.

Ziegler smiles as she splashes in the lake. She forms a horn on her head with her hand.

From the movie, Rainbow Dash flies from the ocean and into the clouds. She lands on Tempest Shadow castle. Tempest Shadow turns up her head. Rainbow Dash’s horn becomes electric and a rainboom hits the sky.

Tempest Shadow, her horn sparking, charges towards the other unicorns. Rainbow Dash bares her teeth and guards her friends. Rainbow Dash enters the castle.

In the faint golden light, Ziegler lies in the water and splashes. She spins in the air, levitating above the water. Rain soaks her and she lands back in the water. A rainbow appears in the sky.

Princess Selena flies down and the unicorns envelop her in a hug.Songbird Serenade performs on stage and flies over her fans.

Ziegler slides in the water and grins as she looks to the sky.

Rating: 4.5/5

My Little Pony began in 1980 and by 1983, according to the website, was already successful. The first movie was released in 1986. By 2010, a television show was developed with several movies.

The original My Little Pony toys were about the size of a regular iPhone with some manes made of tinsel or extended hair which could be pulled. By 2003, the toys had shrunk. They now had lollipop heads and were made in cold plastic. Regardless of the incarnation, the toys have an eternal modesty to them.

Maddie Ziegler, though, stands in the lake, wishing she could be 8 years old again, playing My Little Pony with her sister. Ziegler’s favorite was Rainbow Dash. Her sister usually chose Fluttershy or Princess Selena, if she wanted to be bossy. For hours, their ponies would go on adventures in the high seas and command their little brother’s GI Joes.

Everything was simple back then. At the lake, she dances and splashes, remembering it was it like not to care if her got wet or worrying about her future. The rain gives her some innocence back, forgiving her. After the brief storm, freedom coarses through her body. She finally feels like she can be the person she could look up to as a child.

Director: Daniel Askill Year: 2017

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