Video Review: Guns N’ Roses “Paradise City”

In black-and-white, a booth is set up to sell Guns N’ Roses t-shirts and other merchandise from the tour. Slash taps his microphone. Duff sits by an amplifier, guitar by his side. In color, Axl grabs the microphone and begins to sing.

Back in black-and-white, they pass by Manny’s restaruant. Steven falls asleep backstage and then signs autographs for fans. In color, a shirtless Izzy stands in the middle of the stadium, playing his guitar and looking up at the sky.

In black-and-white, Izzy flips through some magazine articles while Duff reads over his shoulder. Back in color, fans enter the stadium. Axl headbangs and dances on stage. Some underwear is thrown at them. Back in black-and-white, Steven checks out a young woman walking down the street.

Back in color, a security guard pushes people in the front row. A couple makes out. The security guard bounces and holds someone back. A denim jacket is tossed on stage.

In black-and-white, underwear is thrown at Izzy as he plays. Slash cools off by a fan. At the hotel, someone takes a pillow off Steven’s head and he puts the sheet over his head. A woman sits in the chair as the television plays in the background. Slash writes on Izzy’s jacket. They board a plane.

Continuing in black-and-white, fans wait in line for the Monsters of Rock festival in Donington Park, United Kingdom. Slash shows off his backstage pass. They drink and talk on a bus. Two women wait for them in the parking lot. While eating in the tent, someone adjusts the hat on Slash’s head. Fans wave flags with band’s logo on it. They talk and smoke in the dressing. Izzy reads a magazine article about Slash.

In color, Axl pulls his hair back and sings the last lyric.

Rating: 5/5

Fame hasn’t sunk in for Guns ‘N Roses. It’s their first headlining tour. At the shows, security has to keep people from running on stage. Crews work several hours putting their stage together. Radio shows and newspaper interviews are constant in every city.  Women wait for them at the gates.

Izzy reads each article, curious about the future pop culture icons term the reporter had associated with them. Duff leans over, commenting on the picture his mother sent. Steven has taken well to the road. He openly hits on pretty women on the street and wants to explore the city before they perform. In between breaks, he sleeps wherever he can. Axl, though, stays in control and screams with all his might, wanting to provide the best show for all the fans who took the time to see them. The craziness of the road hasn’t fazed Slash, though. It’s what he’s wanted. During soundcheck, he talks with his band members and smokes. Although he tunes his guitar and sings along, he’s excited for the show. On stage he maintains his composure and plays.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1988

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