Video Review: JoJo “Leave (Get Out)”

After school, JoJo leans against her locker.

In the morning, she and her three best friends, in their cheerleading uniforms, hang out by the stairs. The bell rings and they run up the stairs, glancing over their shoulders. However, she decides to stay behind and sit on the railing.

A person plays the guitar.

A female classmate taps her friend’s hand and lets him know that JoJo won’t move. She takes her books. A young man notices her and runs down the stairs, holding his skateboard. Her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend walk to class together. The female classmate giggles at JoJo.

She glares at him while she gets her books out of her locker.

She dances on the football field, wearing a “Boys Stink” t-shirt and short skirt.

In the hallway, his new girlfriend points her out as she talks to one of her friends. JoJo’s best friend shakes her head at his gall. She drops his phone. A young woman whispers into her friend’s ear.

Inside her locker, the year-long relationship is chronicled in pictures.

She and her friends go to the bathroom together. She sings into the mirror.

JoJo and her friends practice their routine in the gym. She sits underneath the sinks in the bathroom.

At her locker, she waves the situation off and decides to go home.

Rating: 3/5

Rumors had been going around school for a few weeks. Her best friend took her aside after their chemistry class and said she heard that JoJo’s boyfriend has been seeing someone else. She told her not to worry. They had talked about it and he said they were just friends.

However, when she saw his supposed other girlfriend in the halls, she couldn’t meet her eyes. JoJo wanted to know why he choose her instead. JoJo was a popular cheerleader who was friends with everyone. She took honors classes and was the class president.

During the break between classes, she confronted him and broke his cell phone. She could hear some of her female classmates giggling and laughing at her, glad to see her humilated. “She’s so perfect. She had it coming,” she overheard as she went into class.

She quit the cheerleading squad not long afterward. It wasn’t her anymore. Since her breakup with her boyfriend, she didn’t care about being popular anymore. Rather than exchanging pleasantries with everyone, she started talking to some of her classmates outside of her circle. They were taken aback at first. But some of them realized they could trust her. While she supported her two best friends from cheerleading, she went to art fairs and concerts with the new people in her life. Her parents invited them over for dinner.

At the end of her sophomore year, her parents said she seemed much happier and relaxed. She smiled to herself, proud of her transformation and relieved to be free of pressure.

Director: Erik White Year: 2004

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