Video Review: Maroon 5 & SZA “What Lovers Do”

As a young boy, Adam Levine watches yellow butterflies fly over his head. He and a young SZA run through a field as the butterflies follow them. A deer and sunflower talk.

A storm cloud is on the ground. A small flash of lightning hits close to the tree. Young Adam chases the young SZA up the tree. He crawls on a limb and falls, bees sting him on way down.

He lands as an adult. SZA, also now an adult, runs in the fields as the butterflies follow. She pumps her arms as the season changes to winter. Adam and SZA walk over melted ice. A penguin pulls out his umbrella. As they run by, the other penguins also pull out their umbrellas.

Circa 1972, Adam races against his opponents in an international track meet in New York. Crystal white fireworks go off by the skyscrapers. He slides into the mud.

SZA glances behind her, seeing Adam as they ride their jet skis. Dolphins dive into the ocean next to them. With fire burning the edges of  their surfboards, they balance themselves as they ride a mile-long wave and then sink into the depths of the ocean.

As he swims, he sees SZA as a mermaid. She beckons him to come near to her and she throws him a hook. The hook springs Adam into SZA’s boat. SZA turns the wheel.

At the casino, Adam checks his cards at the table. With two kings, he bets it all. SZA has two aces and wins his money. His face turns red and smoke comes out of his ears. He tosses the table over and becomes a giant.

Helicopters hover by him and he grabs SZA. A man’s hat catches on fire. Another man screams as he runs in the street, searching for cover. He trips and his knee causes an explosion. He dodges the military’s bullets and stomps the general. They kill him. As he lands on the ground, people scurry in the other direction.

In the hospital, Adam, with his arm elevated in a sling and neck brace listens as his nurse (SZA) tells him about the pain medication. SZA takes notes on her chart.

Rating: 3/5

A week tops, the nurse (SZA) told Adam Levine, then he will be able to go home. She adds that he didn’t have a concussion but the doctor would like him to stay to make sure. She asks him if the pain medication is working okay.  With a pen, she writes her name on the whiteboard, telling him to call her if he needs anything.

He grins. In his morphine enhanced dream, they were childhood friends who went on enchanted adventures together and talked to the animals who accompanied them. The deer often looked out for them and he often calmed down the anxious squirrel. They fell in love as adults and spent most of their time in the ocean.

Then, he discovered that she transformed into a mermaid. He wondered where she spent some of her nights and why she took baths almost every hour on the hour. They argued about the water bill all the time. However, he turned into a monster and almost destroyed Las Vegas. But he had to save her.

On his first night in the hospital, SZA was working her shift she told him he was lucky to be alive. She said that when he opened his eyes, she could finally breathe. She was worried that he would’ve ended up in a coma. His mother was sobbing as she came into the room and SZA told her that he gave everyone a good scare. While she checked his vitals, she told him about the road trips she went on with her sister and showed him some pictures.

She tells him she’ll be back to give him some medication soon and leaves the room to attend to another patient. He believes they would’ve been childhood best friends. Perhaps they’ll run into another at a marathon or bike ride one day and laugh about the time she took care of him. He’ll keep the dream to himself. It may not come true otherwise.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2017

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