Video Review: Shania Twain “Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed”

A young woman slides her foot in powder white chalk. In black-and-white, two dancers are seen in silhouette as they dance near a window of an unfurnished apartment.

In color, Shania Twain walks to the window in a black, off-the-shoulder tiered dress. A group of dancers, wearing white, begin their routine. A young man puts his head on the young woman’s chest. The male dancers lift the young women and dip them in a romantic embrace. The female dancers leap over the young men’s backs. They leap into the male dancer’s arms. Twain presses a male dancer against a column.

A female dancer arches her back. Fragments of orange chalk highlight her movement. Another female dancer throws yellow chalk, obscuring her face as it flies in a straight line. Candy apple chalk red settles as the male dancer lifts a young woman off the ground.

Against a charcoal gray background, she dances in a black, sparkly jumpsuit.

A male dancer’s movement is enveloped by the aqua chalk. A male dancer lays a young woman on the ground, their white t-shirts covered in various colors.

A female dancer swings her legs around the young man’s waist against the charcoal gray background.

In the unfurnished apartment, the dancers reach for one another. Twain breaks into between them after they touch. A male dancer twirls her around.

Twain shakes her hair in the darkened apartment, white chalk flying in the air.

Rating: 2.5/5

Shania Twain, in her black, off-the-shoulder dress, stays to the window, acquiescing to the dancers. As she remains limited, the dancers express pure love in their movements. The young men are gentle with their partners, giving them space to be their own person. However, a few feet is too far and the men pull their partners close, craving their comfort.

The young women trust and love their partners with whole hearts. They are open, free of jealousy and spite, giving themselves over to their partners. It’s a long-term love with both anticipating a future together. Any scars from previous heartbreaks have disappeared.

Twain may not believe she has much appeal anymore while she stays in the background, only to pop in every so often. However, as she dances in the black, sparkly jumpsuit, it’s as though her absence from music didn’t even happen.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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