Video Review: Peter Cetera “Glory of Love”

Peter Cetera eyes a symbol on the floor of the Japanese martial arts dojo center.

Through an open screen, from the Karate Kid II film clip, Daniel (Ralph Macchio) practices on a platform outside. In black-and-white, Daniel chases Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomito).

Cetera stares ahead and closes his eyes.

In black-and-white, Daniel and Miyagi (Pat Morita) walk in the village.

Cetera watches as the screen opens and turns to color. In the village, Miyagi trains Daniel. Daniel hits the blocks with his hands while Miyagi prays. Daniel falls off the swing and into the water. Kumiko waves to Daniel. Daniel, with a blanket around him, walks with Miyagi as the screen closes.

Cetera faces the screen, watching as Kumiko tosses her fan in the air and Kumiko’s life is threatened by Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) holds a knife over her neck. Daniel hits Chozen. Kumiko displays her fan. Kumiko and Daniel smile at one another. Kumiko pours Daniel a drink. They kiss underneath the lapis sky. The screen closes again.

Cetera looks to the right of him. Another screen opens to lightning in the sky and an uneasy ocean. A child hangs on to a pole during the typhoon. Daniel breathes hard, his lip bloodied. Miyagi uses a handheld drum to help Daniel. Miyagi and Daniel watch the sun set as the screen closes.

Cetera shifts back and forth, dancing in place.

Rating: 3/5

Someday, Peter Cetera hopes his infant son will become a national karate champion, travel to Japan with his mentor and learn about a new culture. He would notify the local newspaper letting them know about his son’s accomplishment and future dream of opening a non-profit company in Japan. His mentor would become a family friend and attend gatherings long after his son had quit karate. He can’t wait for his infant to grow up.

Miyagi and Daniel share a strong bond. Miyagi thinks of Daniel as a son.  Daniel would protect him at all costs. He has given a family when he felt as though he had no one.

While in Japan, Daniel asks Miyagi about growing up there and falls in love for the first time with Kumiko. However, it’s Miyagi’s conflicts with people he left behind that are worrying him. Miyagi takes care of himself the best he can. He tries to shield Daniel from the ongoing problems with Chozen. However, Chozen, knowing Daniel is his weak spot, goes after him. Daniel fights back but Miyagi comes to his aid, helping to defeat him. They are team. Miyagi would do anything for Daniel. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if Daniel got hurt over his issues with other people.

Director: Peter Sinclair Year: 1986

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