Video Review: Tamar Braxton “My Man”

In black-and-white, Tamar Braxton checks her phone in the backseat of her car while her driver parks at the curb of the hotel. She tells Carl, her driver, that she won’t be long and walks inside the hotel. On the backseat, her phone’s GPS indicated her boyfriend was there. A picture with her best friend posted on Instagram pops up on her phone screen.

She walks to the front desk, thinking of the last romantic dinner they had a week ago. The man working the desk asks her if she’s lost and she answers no. As he hands her the keys to her boyfriend’s room, he adds that he doesn’t want any trouble.

In her boyfriend’s hotel room, a stack of smoked cigarettes lie in an ashtray and empty glasses are on the table from the night before. Shirtless, he sits in bed. Walking past the rooms, she glances at his friends, who talking in the hallway.  His second girlfriend sleeps on his chest while he reads text messages from Braxton, asking what time he’s coming home.

She opens the door and his eyes bug out. While his second girlfriend fixes her hair in the bathroom, Braxton pulls her by the hair and smacks her face on the sink, calling her a bitch. Braxton asks her boyfriend “what the hell is going on?” and pushes him back onto the bed. His second girlfriend struggles to stand up in the bathroom.

On her way out, she notices her coat hanging on the rack. As she puts it on she yells “you gave that bitch my coat,” adding that she wondered where it went. She slams the door behind her.

Her boyfriend checks on his second girlfriend, who is sitting on the toilet seat. She spits on him but he continues to rub her arm. They hug. Braxton opens the door to her car and asks Carl to turn off the radio. To Be Continued is written on the screen.

Rating: 2/5

Tamar Braxton checks her Instagram and fumes as her best friend smiles, her arm around her, hashtagging the photo with #bestfriendsforever and #mygirlforlife. She untags herself from it and asks her driver, Carl to stop.

She heads to the front desk, where the front desk person, knowing her difficult reputation, tells her that he prefer that the confrontation doesn’t involve the police or press. It’s something she can’t promise.

After a night of making love, her boyfriend and his second girlfriend (her best friend in the photo) rest in bed. A turn of the key catches his attention and he knows. He freezes once she stomps inside and attacks her best friend. The clang from the toliet seat sends shivers down his spine and he hopes that his second girlfriend is okay. However, going to check on her would only cause Braxton to go after him.

She sees the coat, which he did give her as a present. However, it was hanging in her closet alongside other unworn jackets. She had said it was “last season” and if any photographer saw her in it, she’d be a joke. He lets her take it, figuring it’s better for her to have the coat than hurtling something at him.

Braxton leaves and he consoles his second girlfriend. She spits on him, which he realizes he deserves. She had been asking him to tell Braxton about them to avoid any sort of violence. However, he’s able to calm her down. Tomorrow, he’ll call his lawyer.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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