Video Review: Carly Rae Jepsen “Cut To The Feeling”

At the studio, Carly Rae Jepsen asks the producer if they have anything to cover her face. The producer laughs.  A makeup artist applies eyeshadow on her face. In the corner of the screen, a timer appears with a cute kitten counting down.

On a worn video, Jepsen rehearses with her band. In the parking lot, she hangs out with her friends. She watches some of the footage already recorded with director Gia Coppola on the monitor. The camera crew preps for the shot.

Jepsen, holding the microphone, looks over her shoulder at one of her band members, grinning. The guitarist walks to the makeshift stage. She and her guitarist go over the song as the spotlight shines on them.

Wearing a flannel shirt around her waist, a t-shirt and jeans, she skips over the steps of the ladder on the floor. Coppola films. She waves her shirt in front of her. She and her friend park in the studio lot. She sits on the hood of the car and slides off.

She hops into the dressing room chair and the makeup artists brushes some of her bangs off her face. A string of candy coated hearts twist around the screen as she tries on some goofy sunglasses. She drinks a beverage provided by catering and squeals once she sees her grandparents.

The camera crew test out the star design. A friend of Jepsen says that someone should sign her and that she could make it as a singer. Jepsen sips some LavAzza coffee. At the coffee machine, she remarks that “if the song fails, I’ll make coffee.” Her grandma watches her daughter while she stays near the wall, out of everyone’s way.

While the crew continues to set up, the fan cam in the upper left hand corner shows a young man touching the camera with his hand.

In black-and-white, Jepsen and her band walk to the makeshift stage. Overhead, the area around Jepsen is cut into a star, which emits light. She dances and smiles at her keyboardist. She returns back to the microphone and continues to sing. After she raises one hand in the air, the curtain falls behind her. The producer puts the marker in front of the screen, jiggling it. Crew members clap.

Rating: 3.5/5

While Carly Rae Jepsen may receive the most attention for the video, it’s the camera crew, fixing the shot with the star until the final minute, who are given their due credit. As Jepsen walks in about 8 a.m., the crew has already been working for a couple of hours.

She steps into the dressing room and puts on minimal makeup. Her grandparents had been asking her how a music video gets made and the number of hours of it takes. She invites them to see it. They arrive mid-afternoon and she greets them with a hug. With work, she doesn’t get a chance to see much anymore. She’s thrilled they took her up on her offer.

Her friends, though, have always been supportive. They knew she would make it. Watching her achieve her dream, after seeing all the hard work over the years, is a proud moment for them.  In between, the camera crew continues to test and fiddles with the design. They give Jepsen and her band the okay once they have perfected the shot.

Director: Gia Coppola Year: 2017

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