Video Review: Enigma “Return To Innocence”

In black-and-white, an older man plucks some fruit from a tree. He gazes up at the sky, closes his eyes and falls on the leaves. The fruit springs up to the branches as his body lies motionless on the ground. A unicorn walks backwards in a field.

In color, the fruit returns its pockmarked citrus orange color. People light candles and pray at a church. Underneath a cobalt blue sky, a young man rides his bicycle backwards. A middle-aged woman stands in the ocean.

Grapes rise from a pile and back into a man’s hands as he cuts them from a branch. A ball bounces back to an older man while his two friends smoke. The woman walks backwards in the ocean, returning to the shore.

A young man shakes the branches of a tree while the first older man uses his pick to reach for the fruit still hanging. The sheep herder and his dog walk backwards, the herd of sheep clustered together in the narrow mountain. Dirt moves back to the shovel as the men work the field. Seeds rise into a man’s hands. Feathers from a chicken float back into a woman’s hands. The yoke goes back into the egg, becoming whole again.

Weeds are pieced together again after being slashed by an older man. A sandwich is put back together after a young man breaks it apart. A fortysomething’s man ceramic pot spins back into a flawless piece of work. The unicorn walks backwards as two men play cards.

A young boy helps his father on the farm. His father carries the hay. A bride leaps back into her husband’s arms. They return to the doorstep. At the church, the bouquet falls back into her hands.  In a barn, a young woman’s hands return to holding bits of hay while she kisses her boyfriend.

The unicorn walks backwards as a young girl dances in the forest. A thirteen-year-old girl applies lipstick and runs backwards out of the house. Words are erased as a little girl writes in her diary. A tree stands straight up again after being cut down by two young boys. A crying boy’s hair flies back into his head as his mom snips his bangs.

A little boy munches on some fruit and stares at the tree. A priest baptizes a baby. The unicorn walks backwards in the forest.

Rating: 5/5

The older man takes one final look at the world and collapses onto the ground. From his youth, he has watched the tree grown from a few, stringy limbs to a sturdy trunk overflowing with fruit. For years, the fruit helped sustain him amidst his health problems.

A little boy discovers the tree and eats from the pile. His mom calls for him but he doesn’t answer, concerned about losing his bounty of fresh food. He marks the spot in his mind, remembering to come back.

Every moment means something. A little girl writes in her diary about her best friend. Her best friend moves away a decade later. They don’t speak ever again. A young boy helps his father with the farm. A month later, the family would lose it after a dry summer. A middle-aged woman walks into the ocean, questioning if she should continue her life. A week later, she finds out she got her dream job.

Nonetheless, as someone’s else life ends, a new person is born. An infant is baptized.  It screams and cries as the water piercing its eyes. A tomboy becomes a young woman putting lipstick on in secret and learning to flirt with the boys.

Somewhere, magic exists in the form of a unicorn, guiding the person’s life forward in some manner.

Director: Julien Temple Year: 1994

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