Video Review: Macklemore & Kesha “Good Old Days”

Through a viewfinder, Kesha films the moon rising in the darkening sky and the tops of the trees in the forest.

Macklemore fixes the engine of the van stalled in the forest. Two of their friends talk by the trunk. Macklemore uses a stick like a bat and hits a rock. The door open, Kesha sits in the van as they wait for their friends to pack up their things. Their friend starts the engine and the three of them push it onto the road until the engine kicks in again. They jump inside.

In the van, Kesha reads and films with the video camera. Macklemore makes himself a peanut butter sandwich. The young man, driving the car, gazes at his girlfriend. Macklemore turns the video camera on her and she covers the lens with her hand.

They arrive at the campground and greet everyone. A friend places his hat on Macklemore’s head. Macklemore and a few friends play a game at the picnic table. Kesha puts her arm on his shoulder as they sit near to one another. Macklemore and Kesha cuddle on the bed. Macklemore, Kesha and their friends hike. Macklemore walks along a row of rusted cars.

Macklemore and some friends dive into the lake. They watch the sunset. He films Kesha holding a bug in her palm. Kesha films Macklemore throwing a rock into the lake. Kesha walks in the overgrown field, touching the weeds as Macklemore films her.

During a bonfire, Kesha and Macklemore sing at the piano, entertaining their friends. Their friends gather and talk in a circle. Kesha films Macklemore holding a football and talking with some friends on an old couch. Kesha and Macklemore sit at the campfire, arms around one another, listening to their friend play guitar. Everyone dances around the fire. Macklemore surprises a female friend with a birthday. She blows out the candles.

At night, while everyone has gone to sleep, Kesha and Macklemore watch the last embers of the fire burn.

Rating: 5/5

Kesha wishes they would go camping again. Even if it was only them. Their last camping together with all their friends was twenty years ago. They were there to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

A few months ago, they went to the same friend’s funeral. She had been battling colon cancer for almost a year. At the hospital, they reminisced about the camping trip. Their friend said it was the birthday she had and thanked them for coordinating it. She commented that everyone so excited to be alive and wanted to experience new adventures. They nodded their heads in silence.

For a couple of years, at the behest of their friends, they toured the country, playing for clubs and writing music together. However, Kesha had caught the attention of a record executive, who invited her onto the label as a solo act. She turned him down but it caused tension between her and Macklemore. They separated for a while.

They had drifted apart from the couple who drove them to the campground. Last they heard, he was a professor at a college, hitting on his students while she worked at a call center. She had tried to find the young woman on social media but couldn’t find any profiles for her. The young man refused both their friend requests.

At night, Macklemore falls asleep on the couch while she writes songs in her notebook, ignoring the television show playing in the background. She sets her alarm for 7 a.m. and kisses him on the cheek. Tomorrow is another day answering phones at the dental office and checking in patients.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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