Video Review: Sam Smith “Too Good At Goodbyes”

In Newcastle upon Tyne, located in the United Kingdom, Sam Smith sings in the street with a pianist accompanying him.

He sits in a grassy field. An African-American couple sit across from one another on Gateshead Millennium Bridge. A lesbian couple on the sand, looking into one another’s eyes. At home, Smith comforts his sobbing boyfriend who rests his head on his shoulder.

A boxer stands in near the ring, sweat drips from muscled chest. A shirtless man looks at the river. A dog chases a little boy back home. A mother rubs her daughter’s shoulder after she looks at a picture of her recently passed grandmother. A group of young women toast another. In the middle of the street, a second group of young women play jump rope.

A young man, lying in bed with his boyfriend, stares at the ceiling. A young woman hugs her boyfriend. Smith sings inside a bar with the pianist in the corner. The shirtless young man closes his eyes and gulps. The African-American and lesbian couple kiss. The boxer hits the punching bag.

The African-American young woman turns away from her boyfriend. A young man cries and pats her boyfriend’s hand on her shoulder.

Smith sits in the grassy field and gazes at the city’s skyline.

Rating: 2/5

Sam Smith doesn’t believe in love. Small moments with bursts of passion are all he can handle. His boyfriend implores him as to why he won’t allow himself to feel. He replies he tries but can’t. His boyfriend began to cry. As he consoled him, he wondered why he couldn’t let himself love. His boyfriend was a wonderful man who treated him well. However, Smith knows he will leave in a month after the resentment begins to boil for his boyfriend.

The other couples experience some distance and the heartbreak. They try to get their partners to open up and speak but no avail. However, it’s unclear who the distant person is in the relationship. Both people in the relationship share the same pained expressions as they search for answers in their lover’s eyes.

Nonetheless, a boxer continues his dream of fighting in a televised championship. Every so often, he fights in a local match. But he can’t give up. He needs the hope. A shirtless young man stands on the bridge, contemplating the worth of his life. He wonders if anyone will miss him. He closes and tries to hear his parent’s eulogies for him and nothing of merit comes out of their mouths. He stands back, unable to make the final step.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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