Video Review: Linkin Park “One More Light”

During the One More Light tour, Chester Bennington shakes fan’s hands at the meet-and-greet. He lets other fans touch his arm. In the early 2000s, Chester and Mike record in the studio. The band performs at a stadium for their first tour.

In a van, Chester laughs and comments to the camera. Chester sings in the center of the crowd at the meet-and-greet. Fans hold up their phones recording him. At the concert, cell phones light up the stadium. Chester hugs a fan. On stage, Chester shakes each person’s hand. The group huddles before the show.

Chester jumps off an amplifier and in the early 2000s, greets fans in the first row. Brad sleeps on the bus. The group walk down the city streets. The group walks backstage of an arena. Chester gives the peace sign and watches one of the tour buses leave. Chester holds a fan’s hand.

At a party, Chester flicks some balloons and raises his hands, smiling. The band visits New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Chester hugs a student at an elementary school. The band helps build a house.

In a dressing room, Chester puts on a hat and dances. Wearing headphones, Chester walks in the aisle on an airplane and looks into the camera. Mike and Chester race in the dressing room. Chester greets the crew. Chester dips his head into the crowd, letting fans touch his head and hug him. Stars light up behind Chester as he sings. Chester and Mike while waiting in an office.

Chester takes a bow after performing. He blows a kiss to the people in the crowd and taps his heart. A shining light beams into the stadium and goes out.

On screen, a message reads “Chester, you ignited a flame of passion, laughter and courage in our hearts forever. We miss you, brother.”

Rating: 4.5/5

Linkin Park didn’t get an opportunity to say goodbye. Mike, Brad, Dave, Joe and Rod wanted to honor Chester Bennington by thanking him for his friendship and generosity over the years. They want people to see Chester through their eyes.

Chester was appreciative of fans. They helped him as much he hoped to reach them. He was certain to acknowledge each person and leave no one out. On stage, he allows fans to touch his leg, arms, and head. For him, it isn’t an intrusion. Perhaps they need someone to know they care or don’t have anyone. Maybe they are suffering in silence. If one touch from their idol could ease some it, he’ll provide it.

It’s not only about being famous and wealthy. They view their popularity as fortunate and use it as platform to help. Linkin Park, though, see devastation and visit Louisiana. They talk to elementary school students and bring supplies.

Linkin Park, though, takes one last look at their lives, knowing everything has changed. It’s a farewell to who they once were and won’t ever be again. They have decisions to make, which they aren’t ready to decide. Chester’s passing was an unexpected blow they are still processing.

Directors: Joe Hahn & Mark Fiore Year: 2017

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