Video Review: Heart “All I Wanna To Do Is Make Love To You”

Underneath the blinding lights on stage, Denny twirls his drumsticks and Nancy kicks up her leg while she plays the guitar.

A young woman turns right on the road, the blades of her windshield wipers clearing off the streaming rain.

On stage, Ann sings.

She glances to her right, noticing a young man standing on the shoulder of the road. After offering him a ride, he gets inside her car. He throws his bag in the backseat and she grins to herself.

Nancy gazes at her guitar.

They stop at a hotel. She closes her eyes after pulling into the parking spot. As the rain continues to pour, she leans against the window and he touches her shoulder. He takes off his jacket while she sits on the bed. They begin to kiss and make love.

Around 4 a.m., she wakes up, her eyes averted from his naked back. The sun rises on her drive home. With her hand, she rubs her eye of any tears. Back at the hotel, he is hunched over on the bed, twisting the note back and forth in his hands. They both think of the passionate night they shared together.

Inside an office, the young man, wearing glasses, studies his notes. She enters the office and greets him. He smiles and she holds her child closer to her once she realizes who he is. He takes off his glasses and covers his hand over his mouth. She begins to cry and he puts his head down. She hugs her child. Their night together crosses their minds.

Nancy kisses her guitar.

Rating: 4/5

For years, the young man had waiting to run into the young woman again. She may have thought of herself as a one-night stand, but he often wondered about her. It was pouring out and he was sitting in his stalled car. She had seen him and asked him if he needed a ride. Her kind smile put him ease and he knew he could trust her. However, there was some melancholy behind it.

During the ride, they began to talk and couldn’t stop staring at one another. She suggested stopping at hotel for the night. There, they made love. He could feel her release her pain and let go. The next morning, he planned on getting her breakfast and spending the day with her. Instead, he found a note that read to not to contact her and forget she existed.

Seeing her again was a shock. First, he noticed the ring on her finger and then the child in her arms. He and the child shared the same characeristics. The young man had dreamed of what being a father would be like. He would teach him how to play to basketball and the right way to treat a girl. The young woman took the experience away from him.

She apologizes over and over. She and her husband were experiencing a rough patch. After another fight, she decided to take a drive. Meeting him changed her life. She realized she could feel love again. She returned home, inspired to work things out with her husband. Once she realized she was pregnant, she let her husband believe it was his. She figured there was no way she would see him again.

He tells her it’s unacceptable and asks to be a part of the child’s life in some way. She may need to keep the secret but he wants to know his son.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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    That was a very powerful video. That young man really brought the woman put of her after a long passionate night.
    She stole the one thing a man was put on earth for to be s father.
    Now he sits in a studio apartment in a dead end office job.

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