Video Review: Joey McIntyre “I Love You Came Too Late”

At a restaurant, Joey McIntyre sits at the counter, flipping a ring between an engagement ring between his fingers. Through a sunshine filter, he thinks of when they would eat there almost every weekend.

He walks away from his seat and stands in the corner. A young woman asks a question about a meal on the menu. A server cleans a counter.

Through the sunshine filter, he and his girlfriend lie in bed.

He spots his ex-girlfriend entering the restaurant with her boyfriend and he turns his head away. Once they sit at a booth, he looks over his shoulder, noting her body language.

He spies on them through the cake stand and then walks into the kitchen. She turns her head towards the kitchen. He paces and pulls up the cook’s collar. The cook hands him a two pots which he places on the stove.

He dances on the counter and hands someone their order and talks to the cook. His ex-girlfriend laughs. He slides to her booth to her and sings to her.He hops to the next booth. The servers dance on the counter. He bobs his head and slaps the booth while the man next to him claps his hands on the table. In the center, he joins the servers dancing on the counter.

He pulls her towards him to dance and she walks away. He reaches for her again and twirls her. Seeing the engagement ring on her finger, he lets go of her hand. He slumps back into his seat at the counter and watches them leave. He flips the ring between his fingers, sets it on the counter and leaves.

Rating: 3.5/5

The clerk asked him how long he and his girlfriend have been dating. He told her they broke up awhile ago over marriage. She was ready and he said he felt though as he trapped. After getting too many drunk nights with his friends and several failed month-long relationships, he realized he made a mistake. He’s going to do what he should’ve done two years ago. The clerk gave him a small smile and pointed to an oval cut engagement ring on clearance.

He didn’t expect her to meet up with him at the restaurant. On the phone, she said she would like to see him again. It had been a long time since she went to the restaurant and they have so much unfinished business between them. With a flicker of hope, he went to the jewelry store the next day.

But once she walked in with her boyfriend, he knew had to do something to get her attention. He danced on the counter, entertaining the customers. She always thought he was a ham and got a kick out of his romantic gestures. However, she seems bothered by dancing with him. He sees the ring on her finger and realizes why she was distant.

He really thought he had a chance to fix his mistake. She seemed excited on the phone and didn’t even mention anyone. Dejected, he places the ring on the counter, leaving it as a tip for someone who may actually need it.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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