Video Review: Carrie Underwood “Jesus, Take The Wheel”

Carrie Underwood sits in a red chair inside a home. She stands by the shelf of family knickknacks and folds her hand in prayer in the family room. She walks away.

A young mother taps her baby’s butt to comfort him as he cries in her arms.

While she sings in the red chair, a seventysomething man feeds his unresponsive wife. His jaw trembles and he wipes the tears from his eyes.

In the kitchen, a twentysomething couple argues over the pile of bills. The young woman throws the envelopes at him.

The seventysomething wife puts her hand on her husband’s wrist and squeezes. She leans over and he kisses her on the forehead. The young mother lifts her baby in the air. The twentysomething wife approaches her husband sitting at the kitchen table and holds his hand.

Rating: 3/5

As Carrie Underwood sits in her home, she thinks of her family. It was her grandfather who rented his place out to her. Handing her keys, he asked her to contact him if she ever needed help and thank God for each blessing.

She hopes her grandfather is okay. Her grandmother is suffering from dementia and sometimes doesn’t even know who he is. He drives her to her doctor’s appointments, listens to her repeat every question while he cleans the house. One night, he feeds her and she stares off into her lap, eyes closed. It was the moment he was dreading. He began to cry, wishing for more years and contemplating whether to call the family or 911. However, she put her hand on his and let her kiss him. For a few minutes, she was still there. As he told Underwood, he was really scared. He thought he had lost her.

She’s waiting for her cousin to return her call. Tomorrow, she has to go over her cousin’s apartment to watch the baby. A single mom, her cousin has been up all night with her baby. On the phone, her cousin questioned if she was a good mother. She felt horrible leaving him to go to work. He cries all the time and she wonders if she’s doing something wrong. She thinks she might miss a symptom if she’s sick. However, her baby smiles at her while she plays with him. Her baby loves her.

She makes a check out to her brother. After buying a new house, they fell behind on bills. There were some unexpected repairs and her hours had been cut at work. Her brother came over yesterday in tears, saying he didn’t want a divorce. He explained he and his wife have been fighting over their bills. He thought they were okay but ended up overdrafting by mistake several times. Some bills hadn’t been paid at all. They are going to lose the house. His wife, though, told him they will work through it.

Director: Roman White Year: 2005

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