Video Review: Noah Cyrus & XXXTentacion “Again”

Rows of tombstones line the beach. White marble graves stand, memorializing the thousands of people who once lived. Wearing a black bandeau top, black jacket and jeans, Noah Cyrus watches the waves lap to the shore.

Hands in her pockets, she walks down a clear aisle. She reads the names and sayings on the markers. She stands on the bridge, overlooking the graves and leans against the rock.

The final rays of sun light glare, outlining the palm tree in a rusted yellow. She bites her fingernails and puts her hand over her heart. A statue of a saint points to the sky. The sky has turned indigo blue as she stands by the near the shore. She looks back towards the graves.

Rating: 4/5

The last thing Noah Cyrus remembers is head jerking back after hitting the steering wheel. Then, she was on the beach. She has been passing grave markers, reading them for information. Her family plot can’t be far. However, she avoids the path towards it.

There has been an uncanny silence throughout the day. She hasn’t seen anyone for hours. No roar of engines coming to a stop. No patting the stone or smacking of lips for a kiss goodbye. By nighttime, her feet become invisible in the water. She walks from end to end but can’t leave.

She isn’t ready. She has a boyfriend she wants to marry and a baby sister who wants to learn how to French braid her hair. She wants to backpack through Europe and pray in India. All she can do is wait.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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