Video Review: Diana Ross “Pieces of Ice”

Inside a glacial lair, Diana Ross, wearing a wine red bodysuit stays alert as she perches on her stool. Wolves and birds hiss as they make their way underground. Her tentacles swinging, she turns her head right and faces forward. The wolf slashes the air with his paw.

She stands up and sees a snake slithering down the stairs, lashing its tongue at her. The wolf saunters towards her without any fear. She steadies herself and glowers at him. His eyes glowing and head twisting, he questions her fear. She inches away and sits at the rainbow throne.

The animals break through the dangling icicles. She stretches out on the rainbow throne. The bird flaps its wings over the balcony. The wolf leaps over blocks of ice and she puts her hand in front of herself. He reaches for her hand. She touches it but snatches it away.

He returns with a human head, his wolf face gone. Now both human, they dance. A male dancer (a former bird) lifts her up from a block of ice and she steps on the path, shaking out her hair.

The other former animals emerge, dancing. They all perform a routine and acknowledge her as their leader. She raises her arms and they leave.

Rating: 1/5

The wolves and birds have been tracking for a while. With several sniffs, they knew Diana Ross, the reptilian queen, held a secret. Captive as bugs, snakes and birds, they were slowly losing their humanity. Ross was their last hope.

They encircled her in their lair, forcing her to protect herself. The wolf, brazen in his pursuit, cornered her with his stealth movements. He gave her his hand as a sign of trust. She touched him, the sting throbbing her fingers. It released them from their animal curse, changing them back to human. They dance with her, thanking her. Their animal instincts intact they bow down to her, viewing her as their pack leader.

They leave her, re-entering the human world above. Ross lingers, clinging to her lair, scared that the curse will come back.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

Diana Ross – Pieces of Ice 

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