Video Review: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill “The Rest of Our Life”

Driving down a dirt road, bordered by rising, pure green brush on each side, Faith Hill argues with Tim McGraw in the back of the limousine. The limousine stops and she gets out the car.

Holding up the ends of her dress, she begins to walk down the dirt road as he urges her come back with him. She returns and raises her hand to him. As he opens the door for her, she stands with her hands on the hips. She only gets inside once he does first. He puts his middle finger on her thumb. She fires back with a “screw you!” He puts his hand up. Their driver turns around, checking to see if everything is all right.

Her eyes red, she tells their driver to pull over again. In the pouring rain, she slams the door and runs. He calls out “Come on!” but lets her be and gets back inside the limousine.

She puts her hand on her forehead as she walks. He stares out the window, his hand resting on his chin. She wrings out her hair and walks into a restaurant. The server greets her and puts a jacket over her shoulder. At the counter, the server gives her a glass of coffee. The server asks her how she is and she answers with “fine.”

McGraw strolls into the restaurant, hands in his pocket and she gives him a shy smile. He tells her how much he loves her. She gets up from her chair and gazes into his eyes. He kisses her neck and she puts her head on his shoulder. At about 8 p.m., they walk out  of the restaurant hand-in-hand.

Rating: 5/5

All she asked her husband to do was help her with the laundry. She put the hamper closer to the bedroom as a hint. The laundry remained untouched. After two weeks, the room was piled up with clothes. On a chilly fall day, both of their kids came downstairs wearing short-sleeved tops and shorts/ She asked them to put on warmer clothes. They said they didn’t have any. She rolled her eyes and but once she checked upstairs, their family’s dirty clothes were level to the first drawer of the dressers.

She called into work and began to wash clothes. Her husband asked her what she had been doing all day. She told him that he didn’t do his part of the laundry. He promised to do it next time. In the car, on the way to the restaurant, she exclaimed that she was so sick of him not pulling his weight. He retorted that he is able to keep track of everything but work has kept him busy. She has to understand his schedule, too.

She gave up and got out of the car. He refuses to take responsibility. All she wants is some help. Instead, it gets turned around and she is one the inconsiderate one in the relationship, ignoring their partner in favor of work. She tells him “screw you!”

Walking to their favorite restaurant, Marie (their usual server) says hello and offers her a jacket. Marie asks her where her husband her and she rolls her eyes, saying they had a fight and she needs some time to herself. Seeing him walk him, though, reminded her of why she fell for him. Regardless of how mad they get at one another, he has to be certain she’s okay. Once they get home, they’ll figure out a system.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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