Video Review: Adele “Rolling In The Deep”

In a vacant home, Adele sits in a chair, her hands on her lap, staring at the clear plastic hanging from the wall. A young woman stands in a metallic paper decorated room, holding a stick, her shoes covered in flour.

In the family room, a floor stacked with clear of glasses of water begins to thump to the drum beat. Underneath the staircase in the family, the drummer plays. The young woman traces the flour with her stick and kicks some of it in the air with her foot. The flour outlines her spins.

Plate after plate is hit against a wooden wall, breaking into pieces and landing on the pile of broken china. The lights flicker over the drummer.

In the dining room, a city is constructed out of paper. The room darkens and sparks shoot from the lightbulbs above, bouncing on top of the skyscrapers and homes. A few of the homes brown, flames licking at their sides. Some of the skycrapers wilt, fragments falling off.

Adele sighs in her chair.

Rating: 4.5/5

Adele’s hushed outrage resonates throughout the home. For years, she walked back and forth, walking on glass as to not upset her boyfriend. While watching television, he would pick a fight with her, saying she always chooses what to do and he doesn’t get a say in the relationship. She complied and he directed all their social activities, only inviting her friends to a minimum of outings.

In the studio, she worked on her art and imagined herself stomping out the door, flinging his words back at him and leaving. Her figure of empowerment was a version of herself shrouded in the powder, hitting back with each insult with a stick.

His models was of utmost important to him. As an architect who owned his company, he landed the account of the mayor. With him, they had an outline for their city, recreating it as a haven for modern shoppers and new homeowners bored of small town life. As she glimpsed at the model, she viewed the displaced citizens and wildlife, sacrificed for entrance to a higher tax bracket.

She often wanted to scream and smash each piece of fine china against the wall as a release of her hurt. Instead, it simmered for years, stoking a blaze that would end their relationship with one final toxic blow. Neither escaped unscatched. She can’t bear to sell the home and he took a leave of abscence of work. However, it’s been several months now and he has yet to return.

Director: Sam Brown Year: 2010

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