Video Review: PrettyMuch “Would You Mind”

At night, PrettyMuch stand in a Los Angeles street. Zion rubs his hands together, Nick adjusts his hat, Edwin shakes his finger, Brandon runs his hand through his hair and Austin has his chin up.

The VHS tape begins. The group performs a dance routine in front of an orange background in front of their house. They watch the sunset as Edwin explains that’s “it’s a brotherhood” and that they are like family to one another now. They dance underneath the magenta sky  and sit by the pier.

They stand in the middle of the street, get up close to the camera and punch it. They hang outside of their van as it drives down the road. With his skateboard, Austin jumps onto the railing. In the van, they watch the footage of the video they shot so far and comment on their expressions. Their manager said they were telling the driver to slow down at one point.

Austin sticks out his tongue. Brandon wipes the lens of the camera with his hand. They lean against another building and dance through various colors of dry ice. They sit in the street as the rain pours down on them. In the night vision, each group members stand with their girlfriends. Their friends stand with them. They run away from the camera.

Rating: 1/5

Although Zion claims they are like family, it seems as though the group has splintered off. Zion and Edwin are already planning their solo careers and compete with one another as spokesman of the group. Brandon punches the camera and gets in as close as he can to be noticed. Austin keeps to himself and would rather skateboard or read. Since the default number is five to a boy band, Nick exists to fulfill the quota.

Their friends, smug and snobby, believe they are famous by association. Even though the band is only starting out, they are there to grab any piece of fame and to name drop their appearance later in conversation. For them, its power they have over other people.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2017

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