Video Review: Major Lazer, DJ Maphrosia, Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking & Jidenna “Particula”

In Johannesburg, South Africa in 1979, Nasty C, men sit on a rooftop playing a game. One of them turns the radio up. One man points to the Major Lazer signs on a building.

Nasty C rides in the backseat of the car. He watches a bus pass by him. He also dances on top of the rooftop. A young woman laughs as she paints a white dot on her friend’s face. Another woman puts on her feather boa. At the record store, a young man calls for her friend to come inside. Three man dance in front a mural.

On top of the rooftop, Ice Prince appreciates the sunset. Two women dance in their family rooms. At the arcade, two men compete in a dance game. Three busboys hold up their buckets and perform a routine in a restaurant. Nasty C rubs his hands as he leans against his car.

Jidenna sits in at a business. Several women dance around him. He talks to one of them. On the street, he twirls his cane as he dances. A young woman stops at the club. The sign reads: “Major Lazer Nights.” People greet one another. The bouncer lets a man into the club and he taps his arm. Jidenna and Nasty C dance among the crowd of people. Nasty C points to someone. In the back of the club, a hand drawn poster of Major Lazer hangs behind the DJ booth.

Rating: 5/5

In late 70s Africa, R&B and funk music has begun to emerge. Local DJ’s Major Lazer have introduced it to an underground club. They have created a cult following in the city. People often come up to them, asking them what song they played after they finish dancing to the song. Radio has taken notice and picked up one of their songs.

Music, in general, bonds people together. Friends listen as they play a game. A young man puts her favorite station on while driving her friend to the club. Over the speakers of a restaurant, the latest song plays while the busboys finish wiping their tables. Afterwards, they discuss the promotion on the radio for tickets and try to win.

At the club, people from various walks of life gather in one room to dance. Nasty C is amazed to see so many people there. For about six months, it was Nasty C, some of his close friends and about 25 people filling the club. Now, people wait to get inside. Jidenna, a dapper young man, is outside of his comfort zone. He had heard snippets of it while at the business establishment and was led to the club. The busboys discovered the club after being recommended for a friend. While dancing, their lives cross paths.

Director: Adriaan Louw Year: 2017

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