Video Review: Imagine Dragons “Whatever It Takes”

Dan swims in his flooded house. Shelves remain intact. A book sits in the corner. A female sea creature scours for her prey. He reaches a window.

In his family room, Dan sings while he sits in the chair and then stands up, grabbing the microphone stand. The lights come on and the band begins to play. Dan moves his head, avoiding the dust from the floorboard as it cracks open. Paper begins to blow towards the band while the sides of the room disintegrate. The clock drops to the floor. Pages of a book flip.

The electricity goes out. With the night sky in sight of them, the room glows an aqua blue. A downpour follows. The band stomps their feet in the growing puddles of water. The water level rises to their knees. Two sea creatures swim above the homes of the suburban neighborhood. Wayne uses his guitar to push away the water. They let go of their instruments and sink. A key sways from a hook. Two female sea creatures enter and pull at Dan’s arms. They continue to play. Out of air, their bodies bent and still float at the bottom.

The structure of the house burns as the band plays above ground. A growing fire brushes the ends of the instruments and the salvaged objects. They fade once the song is over.

Rating: 4/5

With an impending natural disaster only days away, Imagine Dragons had made a pact. They would play music until the air left their lungs. Family members and friends scattered to various places of the country. They had urged them to come along, telling them would have a better chance at survival. However, they had watched the news reports together and discussed it amongst themselves: the storm wasn’t going hit only one state. It was going to be national and no matter where they were, they would fighting for their lives.

They chose to stay at Dan’s place, where the band had started. As the torrential wind broke the windows and tore the foundation down, they distracted themselves from the inevitable. Last thing Dan remembers were two sea creatures clawing at him.

They wake to find themselves playing in the ruins of Dan’s home. Fires have struck the area, destroying whatever is left. Perhaps they were rescued or are in some form of limbo. Is it a world where they want to stay? Has some humanity survived? They disappear in solidarity, realizing the world they once knew is gone forever.

Directors: Matt Eastin & Aaron Hymes Year: 2017

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  1. Love to come across your blog through Suzie’s blog party…..and wow, you do music video reviews……great to know about Imagine Dragon’s new music, though I haven’t heard this new album or song[heard their previous ones though], will sure try this out……thanks.

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