Video Review: Jennifer Lopez “Play”

A metallic j.lo logo spins in the air, unlocking the door from the shuttle’s lobby, Jennifer Lopez walks into the darkened area and takes off her sunglasses. The spaceship is unveiled to the passengers. She views it while she walks to the boarding area.

The motor in the wing spins as the spaceship prepares to take off. She stretches out in he seat, listening to music. The automated controls pulls the lever, flying through the rays of the sun, casting a golden haze inside.

She changes into a white knit tank top  and takes the elevator to another floor. In the cramped hallway, people dance to the music. She looks into a keyhole and is transported to the main floor. There, she and several dancers perform a routine.

At the bottom of the ship, she holds her skirt close to her body while a man opens his mouth, his drink suspended in air.

Underneath electric blue and magenta light, she lies on her bed in her private cabin. On the main floor, a camera films them while they dance, zeroing on Lopez.

The next morning, she walks the boarding area, bobbing her head near the ship’s points. Slowly, people rise as the sun shines in through the windows. The ship begins its flight back to Earth.

Rating: 2/5

The brochure had listed the spaceship as the “first of its kind,” offering a “revolutionary package for those daring to explore the crevices of the Earth.” She called the number right away and scheduled on a flight.

She had traveled all over Europe, stayed in Dubai for a while and returned to New York. Not one to settle to a single place, she decided a trip to another planet would revitalize her. Entering the boarding area, it hit her that she was going to be in space. Her friends didn’t believe at her. They believed it was a scam. Despite their reservations, they told her to have a good time.

In the boarding area, she recognized a few people from her travels. There was a hush as they found their seats. Although most were restless wanderers like her, they were wordless at their decision to visit another planet. Some whispered among themselves about staying while others second-guessed, giving in to a fear they didn’t know exist.

For Lopez, the trip was a visceral experience. Without stepping outside, she felt a force surge through her. She was able to relax in a pure way, the usual distractions of the world gone. Home seems like another life.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 2001

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