Video Review: Mis-Teeq “Scandalous”

A scarred guard dog, chained to the fence, glares. A young man runs through the building and into the road. A car pulls up, its headlights flashing and he returns back to the building. He hits the security camera.

Running to the nearest entrance, the dog snarls and shows his teeth. He runs to the other side and enters the club. On the counter, Sabrina points to a customer. A woman in a bikini slides against the wall. Alesha dances in cutout black dress by the back wall. Sabrina lies down on the counter.

He walks upstairs and meets Su-Elise’s gaze. She says hello and continues to walk downstairs. Su-Elise, Alesha and Sabrina perform a dance routine in the closed club. A man checks Alesha out as he stands next to her. He watches Sabrina twirl her fingers and lean on the counter.

Several male dancers join Su-Elise, Alesha and Sabrina in their routine.

The young man rolls his hips and performs on his own in the club. He stands in line with the group watching him.

Rating: 2/5

The young man wasn’t supposed to be out. While on his way to the club, he got lost. Scared, he began to run. A car pulled up by him and he fled in the other direction, believing the person was going to harm him.

He knew he was in the right place. though. The vicious guard dog bared its teeth deterred from going any further. He was worried the dog may break the chain and chase him. However, he was able to find the entrance to the club and raced up the stairs. On his way to the main floor, he locked eyes with a pretty woman (Su-Elise).

Stopping at the bar for a drink, he is transfixed by Sabrina who focuses on him while she lies on the counter. She was the reason he came. In the course of a year, she became the main headliner. She had started as a backup dancer and through promotion, she had developed her own following.

Someone keeps watching him, though, He believes it’s Sabrina’s best friend, Alesha. He had seen her in photos and had become well-known in the club scene herself. She had been a performer once but had gone solo for a while. Now, she dances and helps out behind the scenes.

He gets up the courage to show his dance skills and is accepted into the community. People come up to him, asking about his technique. Alesha wants to talk to him. Sabrina thinks he would be a great addition to the club. Somewhere, he wonders what happened to the woman who met his gaze.

Director: Jake Nava Year: 2003

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