Video Review: Anne-Marie “Heavy”

In a chartreuse lit restaurant, Anne-Marie puts her head down, explaining why she’s upset. He slaps his hands on the table and she slumps in the booth.

At a rose garden, she hugs a person wearing a pin-striped shirt.

At the table, he tells her goodbye and leaves. A second version of Anne-Marie his touches his cheek and sits down next to herself. The second version of herself cheers her up.

In the garden, she steps away from the person in the pin-striped shirt and it’s another version of herself. Then, she sings by herself.

The second version of herself sits at the vanity and waves her finger at the three-way mirror. In the background, she and her boyfriend sit on the couch.

Anne-Marie sings underneath a crystal white chandelier, wearing a gold jacket.

Wearing a blue, floral crop top, she sings near the entrance of an auditorium.

The elevator door opens while the original Anne-Marie exits, the second version of herself pushes her boyfriend back inside. Underneath the chandelier, she and her boyfriend dance.

Anne-Marie walks up the steps leading to one of the auditorium’s doors while a second version of herself and her boyfriend walk inside.

Anne-Marie sits in the auditorium. Two versions of herself sit behind her. Back at the restaurant, she taps her boyfriend’s nose. She smiles in the rose garden.

Rating: 2/5

Anne-Marie has read countless articles that have told her not to put up with any guy’s poor behavior. She swore she wouldn’t be one of them. However, she’s afraid of her boyfriend’s reaction if she ever talks about a problem. When she did find the courage, he stomped out of the restaurant.

After he leaves her, she sees the stronger version of herself across from her. The second version tells her she doesn’t need him. Anne-Marie counters that she doesn’t know what to do. Rational thought and logic isn’t working.  The stronger version of herself listens and urges her to break up with him.

She hugs her subconsciousness. The little voice in her head has provided comfort and allowed her to view the moment with some perspective. He has drained of her self-esteem but she has realized something’s off. However, she has to decide for herself.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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