Video Review: ‘Til Tuesday “Voices Carry”

Leaning against the wall, Aimee’s boyfriend (Cully Holland) remarks “So glad the band is doing well” then asks about her platinum blonde spiked hair, wanting to know if it’s part “of the new image.” She sits on the couch, her eyes on the floor.

She and the band rehearse during the afternoon.

In the family room, he sips his soda and spots the sheet music for a song. He crumples it up.

While at Davio’s Restaurant, he removes the gold hoop from her ear and puts a violet, oval-shaped earring in its place. After a break, Aimee touches Mike’s shoulder and puts her guitar around her.

She presses herself against the curtain, closing her eyes and then races down the steps of his apartment. Returning home from work, he gives her a kiss on the cheek and asks where she’s going. She tells him band practice and he tries to grab her guitar case. She releases herself from his reach.

At about 1 a.m., she sets her guitar case on the floor and spots him on the couch, waiting up for her. He asks if practice ran late. Getting up, he growls that she has “taken her little hobby too far” and isn’t doing anything for him. She rolls her eyes, answering “Like what?” He forces herself on her and kisses her neck.  She stares off, emotionless.

Naked, he smiles as he squeezes his girlfriend’s shoulder. They turn and it’s another woman with a black bob.

At Carnegie Hall, he picks a rattail in her hair and flicks it back, sighing. She whispers for him not to touch her. He responds that he’ll do whatever he wants. People in the rows ahead of them turn around, concerned. She stands up, takes off her hat and shouts for him to leave her alone. He covers his face, humiliated by her outburst. Eventually, the entire section watches.

Rating: 5/5

Aimee has seen the apprehension on her band member’s faces. They don’t question her if she arrives late and pretend not to see the marks on her wrists. However, she grew frustrated as they tried to learn a new song. It was past 10 p.m. and she was expected to be home. She reprimanded them and demanded only more run through. Mike said for everyone to go home and that it was enough for one day. She tore out of the studio and ran back home.

She took a breath once she arrived home and waited for her lecture from her boyfriend. As he lunged for her, she froze and let out a yelp. After he climbed off of her, she took a shower and cried. She scrubbed her body over and over, wanting to clean his every particle off of her. No one would believe her, though if she reported it.  He was a well-known businessman who was honored by the police department for helping with one of their community programs. They’d sneer and laugh in her face.

But she can rebel. He is a prideful man who cares about appearances. At every function she must wear an approved outfit, hiding her individuality. Usually, she tucks a strand of hair inside her cap or wears a pair of earrings. At Carnegie Hall, she shouts during a concert. In the audience, she recognized some co-workers and socialites from various parties. Now they will know who he really is. He may cast her as crazy and out of control but the damage is done. She can be free.

Director: D.J. Webster Year: 1985

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