Video Review: Brett Eldredge “The Long Way”

Brett Eldredge walks into the dim bar. Spurred by the romanticism of the strands of white lights hanging above the tables, he approaches a young woman, who stands in the center of the room. She listens as puts his head down every so often, thinking of the right words to say.

They take a drive in his convertible. She rubs his hand by her shoulder as they pass the mountains. He parks on the grass and they walk hand-in-hand to their estate. She leads him to the door and up the stairs. They stop at the window and entwine their hands as the sunshine streams inside. On the balcony, he views the acres of land. She stands on the column on the porch.

As the autumn leaves fall on the aqua blue lake, they dance. They hug on the porch and walk to the abandoned barn. They continue their dance, breathing in the moss growing on near the door.

They walk together, his arm around her shoulder, while the dusky sky looms overhead.

Back at the bar, they continue to talk.

Rating: 3.5/5

Brett Eldredge first saw the young, blonde woman and liked her right away. He glanced at her from the counter, sipping his beer while buddies punched his arm and encouraged him to talk to her.

For several weekends in a row, he invited his buddies to come back with him to the bar. Each time. she was in a booth, talking with some friends or with a young man. He almost choked on his beer when he saw the young man sitting across from him. However, his friends assured him it could be someone she knows and they are catching up. He shouldn’t let it dissuade him trying.

After the fourth try, he finally gathers the courage to talk to her. She grins as he fumbles for the correct phrase and gazes at the floor, trying to hide his red face. In the two minute conversation, he envisions their first date: a car ride to her estate, which is something out of The Notebook, and dancing in the forest throughout the afternoon. They’ll lose track of time while they kiss in the barn and make plans for their future.

He waits for her answer, praying for a yes.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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