Video Review: Charlie Puth “How Long”

At about 8 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles, Charlie Puth walks on the sidewalk and begins to dance in front of a potted bush in front of an office building. He leans against the window then swishes his hands from left and right. He climbs the wall and balances himself on the ledge. He slides across the ledge then climbs back down.

He enters the office building and jumps on top of the coffee table in the lobby.

In the parking lot, he stands while his engine still running, exhaust fumes circling the air.

He dances on top of the receptionist’s desk then slides down the hallway.

With the headlights shining on him, he stops to look at a painting.

He continues to dance on the roof and jumps on the ledge again. Stepping back into the parking lot, he levitates in the air and spreads his arms. He walks on air and lands in the parking lot.

Rating: 3.5/5

Charlie Puth’s boss called him in for a meeting. He nodded and walked inside his office, hands shaking. His boss told him to sit down and offered him a promotion. He let out a nervous laugh and then responded, “thank you.”

During his lunch break, he called his mom and told her the good news. She congratulated him and said she was proud. After work, he treated his girlfriend to a steak dinner at a five-star restaurant.

While on a walk, he thinks of how wonderful his life is going. Every mistake he made had its purpose and led him to a new path. A year ago, he was unemployed and working in the mail room part-time was the only job he could get. Now, he no longer has to sort through envelopes and drop mail into people’s boxes. He’ll have his own office and clients. Finally, he has a fresh start.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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