Video Review: Rita Ora “Anywhere”

With her hands on her hips, Rita Ora stands in the middle of Times Square, wearing a Halpern dress and Alexis Bitter earrings. The late night crowd wait in line for shows and to dine in the restaurants. The screen to her left reads: “You’ve arrived.”

Wearing a Vaguera red coat around her shoulders, she stands a rooftop of a building and looks to the skyline. Wearing an Off-White outfit, she carries several oversized balloons while she walks down the street.

In a moving vehicle, lit in cardinal red, she spreads her arms, wearing an Attico haltered gown, viewing the evening sky.  In a Madeleine Bebe cashmere sweater and Rainbow track pants, she sways in front of a restaurant in Chinatown.

At a restaurant, wearing a Paco Rabanne Bodyline top and Colin Locascio jacket, she dances in the aisle. Continuing in the street wearing the Off White outfit, she leans against some orange cones set up in a circle. and gives an air kiss to a taxi driver. In Chinatown, she rests her feet on the counter and listens to music in her headphones. She picks up a hair dryer and sings into it.

In a Vivienne Westwood dress and a Gigi Burris veil, she dances on the sidewalk. In the Off White outfit, she get inside a carriage and waves goodbye.

Rating: 5/5

Rita Ora arrived in New York five years ago with an interest in fashion and a talent for  writing. She lived in a small apartment in Brooklyn and started freelancing. She wrote product descriptions during the day and worked nights as a server at 24 hour diner. She pored over Vogue and Elle, dreaming of her pieces featured inside.

A year later, she began working for Eleen Halvorsen. A regular customer had mentioned he knew of an opening and she should apply. With his recommendation, she got the job and began working as an assistant. She helped coordinate events and learned the fine details of fashion. Every day, she went into New York City and toured it during her breaks. She walked past Vogue’s office building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dreaming of working the Met Gala.

She continued to freelance and began attending entry-level fashion shows. A piece of hers attracted the attention of the New York Times. It was her first byline. Three years later, she became the style editor and became known for picking out the latest trends. In her feature for People magazine, the reporter had asked her about her success and she responded, “it was my only choice. Struggling was no longer an option.”

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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