Video Review: Gloria Estefan “Don’t Wanna Lose You”

Lit in teal, Gloria Estefan stands underneath a bridge. Half a dozen feet are seen. Light flashes on the pinched sand. A paper is dropped. She tilts her head back.

On the edge of the bridge, a male dancer supports his female partner as she stands on his knees. Another couple stands a few feet away one another. She lies on the grainy ledge.

Her hands on her arms, she walks on the bridge. Another pair of dancers join the first couple. The females pull their partners’ arms. The women sit and lift their right leg in the air. A third couple joins them as their continue to females continue to balance on their partners’ knees.

The dancers walk together. One female dancer collapses on the ground. The women talk to one another. Someone steps on the pearls and debris on the sand. They levitate near the bridge. The men carry their limp partners. One male dancer swings his partner around. The women carry the men on their shoulders. She rests her head on her arm while sits by a rock.

The women reach for the circle above them. A woman waves her hand in front of her partner’s blank face. The women cling to ropes and then to the wall. A man wakes up. The women raise their arms.

Rating: 3.5/5

In the hazy teal light, Gloria Estefan walks on the bridge, thinking of what to do about her relationship. They have been going through a rough patch for a while and neither seem to want to talk. The walk gives her a peace of mind and lets her clear her thoughts. The acknowledgement of problems within the relationship is a start. The tension between them will take several conversations and arguments to dissipate.

On the bridge, several couples represent a healthy relationship. The men lift their girlfriends up, supporting them in their endeavors. The women take the brunt of the men’s frustration and carry them through. Then, they look to their friends for help. The men, though, have a constant presence. Regardless of how difficult things get, they don’t leave.

The relationship has become a burden for Estefan. Neither truly think of the other anymore. They are living beside each other, going opposite ways. She views the dancers taking risks for one another on the ledge, allowing themselves to be vulnerable. She hopes she can be as brave as them as they scour the farthest heights. However, she has to believe love still exists between them. There is something to salvage among the debris.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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