Video Review: Yo Gotti, Mike WiLL Made-It & Nicki Minaj “Rake It Up”

In a quiet suburban neighborhood, Nicki Minaj, in a plastic bubblegum crop top and orange skirt, steps out of her house, holding a rake. Several other women also walk out of their homes. They all begin to rake their lawns. Across the street, Yo Gotti, in his pajamas, picks up his newspaper and watches. They dance in front of their bushes. Dollar bills hang in strips from the branch.

In Gotti’s backyard, a young woman plucks dollar bills from a bush.  Another young woman flips the wad of money in her hand. He rubs his hands together while the five women (all dressed in identical clothing) wait by the pool. A third woman drops money in the pool.

Against a cardinal red background, with rakes hanging on top of the ceiling, he raps. Minaj joins him.

One woman licks the money. A fourth woman uses a leaf rake to pick up the money floating in the pool.

Gotti and Mike WiLL Made-It exchange handfuls of hundreds while Minaj and Blac Chyna stand by their luxury cars. Chyna and Minaj look at one another then race their cars.

Minaj shakes her butt in a bubblegum pink kiddie pool while several women dance in bikinis around her. Minaj swings on the play set. One of the women sits beside in her the kiddie pool. She winks.

A woman crawls on the rug, feeling for the hundred dollar bills and rubs them on her neck. Gotti sits on his throne, checking out the woman dancing next to him. Several women fan the money at themselves while they touch their bodies. One woman pours herself a drink.

In the kiddie pool, Minaj splashes a woman with water on her chest.

Mike WiLL Made-It joins Gotti and Minaj on stage. Minaj hangs back.

From across the street, Gotti waves to Minaj. She drops her rake and they all go back inside their homes, carrying clear garbage bags filled with money.

Rating: 0/5

Yo Gotti is a wealthy man who has some power due to his success. In his 1950s view of the world, men are the breadwinners while the women stay home to clean. For Gotti, women are generalized to be the same, wearing identical outfits and hairstyles. He numbers them as a way to remember who they are. It’s a number they respond to once they are summoned by him.

The women, though, are in charge of cleaning the house of the money and handing it over to them when they are done. Since they are around someone famous, they believe they are better than the women who do go off to work. They wave the money as though its theirs and pretend to be rich while they clean.

It’s Nicki Minaj who seems to resent being treated like a child while wading in the kiddie pool. She is an adult woman with her own success who has worked her way up in the industry. However, it’s minimized in order to accommodate Gotti.’s ego. Her consolation is she’s the lead woman by being allowed outside first and having her own pool.

Blac Chyna seems to have some sympathy for Minaj and a bit nervous for herself. She boosts morale for Minaj as they reference an Instagram post, giving her friend back some of her confidence.

Director: Benny Boom Year: 2017

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