Video Review: Camila Cabello & Young Thug “Havana (Version 1)”

On television, Camila Cabello opens the door of her bedroom. Her best friend, Maria exclaims “Camila!” and covers herself with the sheet. “Juan? How could you?” She asks him as he sits shirtless in bed, gulping.  The maid gasps near the bed, in lingerie as an aghast Camila says “And the maid?” She turns her head away, sobbing.

The closet door opens and the young man asks her to wait. He says he was in the closet. Eyes furrowed, she responds “And now you’re out of the closet?”  With a puppy-dog grin, he answers with a rapid “Yes! For you!” Then she asks who the guy is in the bed. Juan answers that it’s his twin, Arturo. Arturo confirms it with a playful shrug of his shoulders. Juan bends down on one knee and says he’s been waiting to propose to her. Arturo, the maid, and Maria “ooh!” while Camila thinks of what to do.

The television shuts off. Karla (also Camila Cabello) exclaims “What?” and asks her Grandma (LeJuan James) what happened to the television. In Spanish, she responds that she’s “with the potatoes.” Bella (Lele Pons) walks into the kitchen, laughing. Grandma insists on Bella taking Karla dancing for the night. Bella slams the dishes on the table, yelling “No!.” She takes Karla’s hairbrush out of her hand and sings into it, teasing her about her singing. Karla chases her around the kitchen table. Grandma demands that the girls sit down. She explains to Karla that she needs to get out more and experience life. Bella waves her hand in front of her Grandma’s face and she tells her to “stop being extra.” Bella snorts and tells them she’s leaving. Grandma, walking with her crane, follows Karla in the family room and asks her what they are going to watch on television.

On the couch, Karla turns her head as her Grandma snores. Karla decides to go to the movie theater to see her favorite soap star, Camila Cabello in “Havana.” She takes a seat and munches on her popcorn as the credits begin for the black-and-white movie.

Changing to color, Camila enters a restaurant and sits by several men. She pours one of a drink. She chugs her drink while the young man across from her falls off his chair. She sashays past the tables, where a second young man dances with her. She dances with a third man and then leaves, pushing the two men together.

On stage, Camila tosses her hat and starts to sing. She sits on an amplifier as Young Thug stands by the microphone. She dances with a fourth man. Her long-lost love (Noah Centineo) waits for her in the doorway, lit in silhouette. She spots and runs after to him. At the curb, she sees him leaning against the car. She slaps him and tugs at his collar. They began dance and he lifts her on top of the hood. Karla bobs her head to the music while she chews on her popcorn.

In black-and-white, her long-lost love tells her “you love me.” Camila puts her hand on his cheek and says that she does but she has to be by herself. He walks away. In the theater, Karla exclaims “that’s it! You end up alone!” Breaking the fourth wall, Camila calls out “hey Sweetie! to Karla and tells her to write her own story. Karla slurps on her soda.

On the way home, Karla practices Camila’s dance moves from the film. A young man watches her roll her hips and crashes his bike on the sidewalk. She asks him if he’s all right. He says yes and they both begin to dance. Bella sees her dancing with a boy, exclaiming “Hallelujah!” Grandma shakes her hips while she sweeps the floor.

A message on the screen dedicates the video to the dreamers.

Rating: 5/5

Karla won’t miss an episode of her favorite telenovela starring Camila Cabello. Cabello, initially a one-off character, became a breakout star in the second season of the show. Juan first met Camila while dating another woman. Karla read online that the he was supposed to go back to the other woman.  However, fans loved Juan and Camila together. That is until Juan realized he was gay. Her Grandma, on the other hand, thinks Juan is wishy-washy and will end up leaving her for another man eventually. Karla thinks Juan and Camila are the one true pairing of the show.

Her sister, Bella, on the other hand, posts on Instagram all day and mimics Grandma as she lectures them. She and Bella get along but they are the opposite. Bella prefers to party while she likes books. Bella would like to invite her sister out with her. However, she thinks her sister wouldn’t have any fun, though.

One night, though, she decides to take her family’s advice and see a movie. She experiments with dancing on the street, unaware that she’s caught the eye of a young man. They start to dance and Karla falls for him. Bella runs into them and is so excited her sister talked to a boy. Maybe she will get out and start enjoying her life.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2017


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