Video Review: Calvin Harris, Kehlani & Lil Yachty “Faking It”

A glimmer of the rose pink sunset coats the edge of the Earth. Kehlani, in an oversized bathrobe, sits on a chair made of ice, lit with a teal glow.  Snow falls on the ground

Lil Yachty, with his arms folded across his chest, stands between two ice columns. Rose pink clouds hover over him.

The fire on the surface above melts the first layer of ice.

With his hood over his head, Lil Yachty walks among the ice columns. A white rose is gently crushed. He waves his fingers.  Lit in lilac, he sits on the roof the house, the sun overhead.

Wearing black dress pants and a white blouse, Kehlani points her finger while she stands next to a circle of ice. As gigantic stars shine in the sky, he stands next to a car made of ice.

Next to the first blinking sun rays, she relaxes on her throne while a panther waits for her command. In the copper light, she walks towards Calvin Harris, who plays the piano. She runs her hand along the piano while the snow continues to fall. She sits by the ice car with Lil Yachty next to her. A faded red rose opens and then bursts apart.

In a silk bathrobe, she falls backwards into orbit. Lil Yachty chops up the car with a sledgehammer. She walks away from Calvin Harris. Lil Yachty points his finger like a gun and the circle of ice breaks.

While Kehlani walks, the ice columns fall onto the ground behind her. A shark skims the surface. An insects eats its food. Kehlani pauses while the final columns glows.

Rating: 4/5

On the fringes of the Earth, Kehlani, Lil Yachty and Calvin Harris survive. They have found a haven closest to the Arctic and have adapted to the freezing weather. The sun peeks out from time to time providing some necessary warmth.

Kehlani, though, believes it’s her home and has become the self-proclaimed leader. While exploring the planet for water, she encountered a panther roaming, searching for food. The panther bared its teeth. However, she glowered at it until it backed off. It then began to follow her around. She hasn’t named the panther at all. For her, it’s some protection.

Lil Yachty has gone mad. Out of the eternal snowstorm, he built a car. He cried once he finished it. Perhaps he could go home. However, he realized, it still needed an engine. It was a useless accomplishment. He took a sledgehammer and destroyed it. There’s no point in trying. He’s stuck there for eternity.

Calvin Harris has become mute. He plays music to forget he is on the lost somewhere on the planet. He writes the lyrics is in his mind but chooses not to mark them on the sheet. The songs about his family are too painful to read. Composing lets him feel but he prefers not to prolong the pain. There’s no escape.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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