Video Review: Luscious Jackson “Naked Eye”

At an airport, Jill waits outside the car. A man hands her the keys while an attendant helps put her luggage on the dolly. Her handler (Max Perlich) stands next to her. He puts the small on Vivan’s back, leading her inside the airport. The handler looks behind her, watching the maintenance men scrub the columns.

He whispers to Kate as they walk to the elevator. Rotating to Jill, she sighs as she steps in the elevator. She avoids the man filming the people. On the next floor, they walk out. He leads Vivian down the hallway, holding her hand while she carries her luggage. He and Jill pause while he surveys the area. She jingles her keys and walks ahead of him. Vivian looks behind her and continues to jingle the keys.

While a woman waves, Kate hands him the luggage. The handler checks his watch and catches up with Jill. Gabby looks at him and they walk through the revolving doors. He leads up to the escalator. It rotates between Vivian and Gabby staring at him. The man on the elevator films them.

The lights of the boarding area flash as he continues to escort Gabby. He tells Vivian to wait for him. Kate kisses him and he gives Gabby a hug. It rotates to all of them watching him leave. They all turn their heads for one final look and walk down the boarding area. Vivian puts on her sunglasses, walks away and jingles her keys while she takes the escalator to the first floor. Vivian enters the car and drives away.

Rating: 1/5

Jill was told she needed a man to escort to the airport. It wasn’t safe by herself and she needed protection. However, the man fails to see the various facets of her personality. She pretends she is not with him. However, she is grateful for his help and kisses him. But Jill doesn’t want to take the flight. Her rebellious side takes over and she leaves in her car.

Each member exudes some dimension to a woman’s personality: brooding (Jill), badass (Vivian), demure (Kate) and confident (Gabby). Jill and Vivian are the dominant ones, jingling the keys, expressing their dissent at being led. They are the ones to roll the eyes at soccer moms discussing the bake sale. Working in a cubicle all day would drive them crazy.

Nonetheless, Gabby would try her hardest to fit in and Kate would be the outcast. The various personalities whiplash at certain moments, changing the tone from one second to the next. It’s Kate’s awkward kiss with the handler which turns into a quick connection between him and Gabby. But Jill and Vivian cancel it out by walking ahead of him.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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