Video Review: Luke Bryan “Light It Up”

Jimmy Butler walks through the curtain with his teammates and says hello the trainers.

In a dimmed gym, Luke Bryan sings as a fan runs in the corner.

Butler sits on the bench in the locker room and checks his phone. His three text messages from his girlfriend remain unanswered. Against a cardinal red background, she tilts and turns her head. Bryan leans against the brick in the locker room. Butler answers questions from reporters after the game.

In the hallway, he sees three young women checking him out and smiling at him while the reporters follow him. On his drive home, he checks his phone again and puts it against his nose.

She drops her phone on the ground. He walks into the game room of his home, past the pool table and walks to the window. Still no answer. He lies in bed and tosses his phone, sighing. He takes another drive.

At the arena, he practices free throws and dunks. He returns home and places his duffel bag on the counter of the bar. Underneath the ring of champagne bottles hanging from the ceiling, he notices his girlfriend’s purse and phone. He walks into the bedroom and sees her sleeping.

Rating: 2/5

Jimmy Butler’s game was off. Although he managed to score the winning free throws and blocked several shots from the opposing team, his mind was somewhere else. He was wondering if his girlfriend knew he had apologized. Every so often, he would scan the family section, hoping she would show up after all. HIs teammates assured him it would be okay.

The reporters’ question seem to be noise. He struggles to answer and sticks to basic platitudes. The shouts of “Jimmy! Jimmy! One more question” cause his head to throb. He tells them enough questions and they move on to another teammate.

He walks down the hallway, noticing three women staring at him. They are there after every game. Some of his teammates have already slept with them. They have propositioned him but he has told them no. He doesn’t want to be the stereotype.

He continues to check his phone, hoping for something. He’d take an angry face at the moment. Once home, he walks through the game room and there isn’t any sign that she stopped by. He decides to work out his frustrations back at the arena.

After an hour of practice, he returns home and spots her purse and phone. He picks up the phone, noticing the crack in it. Opening the bedroom door, he listens to her “hmmm” while she nestles into the pillow. She’s there and it’s that matters. They can talk in the morning. Tomorrow, he will take her to get a new phone.

Director: Michael Monaco Year: 2017

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