Video Review: Taylor Swift “…Ready For It?”

In a dingy warehouse, Taylor Swift’s eyes flash. Wearing a hoodie, she walks down graffitied hallway and breaks a chord. Two red robots work in the corner. In another corner, a second robot, with its arms flared, sizes her up as she passes by. Guards, with flashing red eyes, turn to watch her. An insect scurries underneath a wire nest with two yellow round lights attached in the center. Blood red lights continue to flicker down the hallway.

The door opens and Swift views a version of herself , TS2, crouched and naked inside a glass box. She watches as TS2 examines her arms. Metal then hooks itself to her, clamping itself to her body. Her arm weaponized, TS2 fires at the glass. The power from the blast allows her to sit on a white horse. Metal spikes uncoil on its mane.

TS2 examines a blue oceanic orb spinning above her hand and crushes it. Its oceanic light highlights her body and she flaps her arms, levitating in the air. Swift touches the glass with her fingers, creating a hole. TS2 crashes to the ground.

TS2 points her finger in the air as oceanic blue flashes in all directions, screaming. TS2 touches the glass with her hand. Swift matches her hand on the glass. TS2 dissolves the glass with another scream. It destroys Swift, shredding her man-made human flesh.

TS2 walks up the stairs, viewing Swift’s mechanical body sparking. Three robots follow her, reaching out to fix the damage. TS2 stands on top of the stairs, eyes flashing.

Rating: 2/5

Discarded to the back for a malfunction, Taylor Swift’s power button pulled is by a fully formed robot. The robots calculate her movements while she walks by them, deducing if she is a threat. Swift’s advanced programming allows her to pass the guards.

The doors of the laboratory open and Swift finds the next robot. It’s an upgraded version of herself, still in the testing stage. She studies it as struggles to understands its power. Naive yet violent, the feral robot bonds with Swift. TS2, though, scans Swift’s system and realizes it mirrors her own. Viewing her as inferior duplicate, TS2 opts to annihilate her instead.

The fully formed robots continue to look to their former leader while the metal from Swift’s body pierces the walls. TS2 climbs the stairs and claims the warehouse. She studies the locks and the scans for any human DNA. The handprints on the doors are only two days old. The calendar in her mind reads: Saturday and a schedule pops up that her maintenance will be done on Monday. On Monday, though, she plans to take over.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2017

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