Video Review: Carly Simon “Let The River Run”

On the Staten Island Ferry, people seat in their seats as they wait to arrive in New York City. Children are superimposed over the ferry singing. Carly Simon stands at the railing, her back towards the World Trade Center.

From the film, Working Girl, Tess (Melanie Griffith) and Cynthia (Joan Cusack) talk. Several rows over, their client Oren Task (Phillip Bosco) fiddles with his collar and shaves. Simon sits between Tess and Cynthia and discusses a magazine article with them.

Tess walks among the throng of people to the office. Katharine (Sigourney Weaver) walks inside and waves hello. She shakes Tess’ hand. Simon’s drummer plays near the window of the World Trade Center. Tess delivers of a tray of food into a conference room. The men dive into the tray. Tess sprays Bob (Kevin Spacey) in the backseat of a car. Mud from the buses lands on Tess while she waits.

An African-American stands up in the train and begins to sing.

From the film, Tess puts a dress against her dress and Cynthia thinks it’s too much. Tess watches the waves of the river while she takes the ferry home. At a party, Tess tilts her head as she sits in the chair and is Jack (Harrison Ford) stops his conversation to gaze at her. He walks over to introduce himself.

Cynthia gets up from her seat on the ferry and looks around. Katharine slaps the nurse while she makes a call from her hospital bed. Tess laughs as the elevator door closes on her conversation with Jack. Tess runs into the office building. Simon, Tess and Cynthia walk to the office, their umbrellas shielding them from the rain. Katharine points her crutch at Jack.

Simon dances in the office building.

Tess and Jack talk closely and then kiss. The office workers turn their chairs away from the desk and cheer for the good news. Cynthia gets up from her chair and shouts “yes!” Tess turns in her chair while she talks on the phone in her corner office. At the World Trade Center, Tess and hundreds of employees of the companies inside start their day.

Rating: 4/5

Carly Simon wasn’t being taken seriously while on interviews. The men seemed to give her a verbal pat on the head as she listed off her accomplishments. Her ambition was cute, the men implied, but wouldn’t she be better off in the kitchen and taking care of children.

An interview with Katharine got her back into the working world. As a secretary, she met Cynthia and Tess, two best friends who became friends at the office. They taught her the ropes and warned her about the men to avoid. Like Cynthia, she was okay being a secretary. It was Tess who was frustrated with her position.

Simon knew she was a lifer. It was Tess who was going to get out. She encouraged her friend to follow her dream. Tess had worked hard in school and was becoming bored with the work. If Tess stayed there any longer, she’d go insane. Cynthia told her not to quit and stick it out, even if she really wanted to after dealing with Katharine. Tess wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

One morning, Tess wasn’t on the train with them. Cynthia thought she was going to call in sick. The job was burning her out, she noted. However, she called Cynthia at her new job.  Tess stood up and announced it to the office. She clapped for her friend and walked over to Cynthia’s cubicle, saying they should take Tess out for drinks.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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