Video Review: Marshmello & Khalid “Silence”

A young African-American man walks down a kelly green neon lit hallway and steps through a door. He is handed a duffel bag by one of his friends.

In a cardinal red lit tunnel, Khalid, Marshmello and several of the teenagers sit on their bicycles. On the sidewalk, a young woman films a man yelling at someone in a phone booth. The camera tilts sideways as the group of friends, including Marshmello lean against the building, talking.

A second young woman walks inside a room. Marshmello sits on the couch, holding the handheld stereo in his lap. A second young man listens to music while he wears headphones and zips up his duffel bag.

A thirtysomething woman returns home from work and sees the eviction notice on her door. She tears it off and reads it. Looking up, she views the group of friends riding their bicycles on the street, their neon rims glowing bright in the midnight air.

Several young women and men stand against the building. One of the young men sits on the couch, his head down as he hears his parents arguing on the steps. He puts on his headphones as he watches his father leave with a duffel bag.

The group of friends run into an electric blue lit convenience store. A young blonde haired man follows them with a camera and films them as he sits on the counter. They  put some glow sticks in their bags. The siren blares and the young African-American man kneels on the ground, his hands raised. The cops question him. The group of friends circle the alley.

With neon glow sticks, the group of friends paint the buildings and trees in pink and lavender. Marshmello and Khalid dance inside a gym. The thirtysomething woman opens her door and sees a crystallized sculpture of light. The young man sees a ball of yellow in his front yard. From the police car, the young African-American man sees the buildings highlighted in pink and lavender.

Rating: 3.5/5

The group of friends have been written off by their teachers and parents. To escape their families, they ride their bicycles at night and talk. One of the young men didn’t want to go out. Throughout the evening, his parents had been fighting. His mom was telling his dad that he didn’t care about his son. His father spit back that she shouldn’t use her son as leverage. Somehow, he felt as though his existence was political rather than out of any genuine concern. However, his friends painted a golden ball of light to cheer him up.

Another young man wants to be a filmmaker and follows them with a video camera. He plans to turn their good deeds into a documentary. He wants his friends to be vindicated and seen as people. They may not have the means but they are still good people who deserve to be recognized. He also wants justice for his friend.

The African-American young man was arrested for stealing. Given, he was the one person of color there, he was considered a suspect. His friends, who are Caucasian, were able to leave. The African-American young man didn’t resist. He answered the questions. On the way to the police station, they left a neon message of hope. He’s not alone and they will help.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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