Video Review: Hall & Oates “Family Man”

Daryl Hall stands with his hands in his pockets in his family room. An animated woman in a red dress appears in the upper right hand corner. An animated man in a suit appears in the lower right hand corner. A line connects them as the family room darkens.

Hall signals “stop” with his hand while John Oates plays the guitar next to him. On the rug, the band plays their instruments. The animated woman and man run on across opposite sides of the screen. Oates sits on the couch, fingers over his face while Hall sings to him. The animated woman flashes, her panties showing. The man becomes an exclamation mark.

Kids dribble a ball in the family room and play fight behind the couch. Hall is stricken with fear as he kicks the ends of the couch. He shaves in the bathroom. Meanwhile, red kisses pass across the animated man and woman. His eyes bug out while the woman becomes a question mark.

Hall stands with his arms crossed across his chest, a crowd of stern kids in front of him. He falls against the wall and puts his hand on his face. Animated kisses line the wall.

A group of kids sit on the rug watching one of the guitarists play.

Al alone in the darkened room, Hall sits on the couch. The animated woman walks across the screen. The animated man pauses and then follows her. Hall leans against the wall. A white-gloved hand reaches for his cheek.

A family watches the video on the television. The kids rock on the couch. The father puts out his cigarette and takes a sip of his drink. The mother hands his dinner and sits next to him, eating popcorn. They are transformed into 50s greasers family.

Animated kids run across the screen while Oates play his guitar. The kids tug at Hall. The animated man and woman run across the sides of the screen as kisses burst.

The family stops dancing and stand in front of the television appalled at Hall’s shameful behavior.

Rating: 3/5

Daryl Hall freaks out at the possibility of falling for another woman while married. At the grocery store, a woman flirted with him and they talked for several aisles. She gave him her number and he didn’t mention he had a wife. His wife makes him dinner and he thumbs the piece of paper in his pocket. He thinks of calling the woman and the idea of blowing up his life worries him.

Hall usually asks his friend, John Oates for advice. They write a song together. His wife says she can’t wait to hear his music. He lies and says it’s still rough. Oates tells him he has a great life, one he envies. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Hall runs into the woman again. What he will he do?

A wholesome family watches the episode. The kids like the music. The mother thinks Hall is cute and would leave her husband for him if she had the chance. The husband watches the show to appease his wife and kids. They do not like the direction the show is going. The husband writes a long, detailed letter to the network about the lack of morals in the show. The wife tapes it secretly and watches it during the afternoon. She tells the kids they are not allowed to see it anymore and imagines Hall as her husband.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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