Video Review: Kane Brown & Lauren Alaina “What Ifs”

In San Francisco, California, the sunlight peeks through the forest of The Inn at Newport Ranch. Kane Brown listens to his music and watches birds fly above the trees.

After an overview of the area, Kane Brown walks past his truck and continues on his hike. In the car, Lauren Alaina looks out the window and takes in the view while her friend drives her. Barefoot, Brown steps on a rock and watches the waves crash.

Her friend drops her off and Alaina, wearing an olive green gown walks through the woods. She puts her hand on her heart and he points his finger in the air. He turns his head around and pauses to watch her climb up to the rock.

She stands across from him on the rock and he pats his heart. She reaches for him and dances in place. He looks at her and shrugs. She laughs and they both gaze at the ocean.

Rating: 4/5

The peace of the forest eases Kane Brown’s mind. The hike through the trails allowed him to really think. For a year, he has neglected his friendships due to work. He posts his pictures on social media, captioning it “time for a change.”  While in his suite, he submits his resume to non-profits. He wants to make a change. Seeing the beauty of the ocean is an incomparable experience to wearing expensive suits and driving a fancy car. He can live simply again.

Lauren Alaina, a guest at a destination wedding being held at The Inn, decides to hike up the mountain before the rehearsal dinner. This is fourth girlfriend to get married this year. She’s still single. Some of her friends have had babies already. However, as she climbs up the rock, it seems as though life slows down. There is no rush, she realizes, and she will reach her own milestones.

She meets Brown and they talk about where they are in their lives. Brown brings up several situations and the possibilities, searching for the reason in the ambiguity. She smiles and agrees. They talk until sunset. She leaves him her phone number and friends him on social media. They make plans to whale watch together in two days.

Director: P.R. Brown Year: 2017

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