Video Review: Natalie Cole “Wild Women Do”

In black-and-white, Natalie Cole is dropped off at a studio in Los Angeles. She says hello the photographer. Wearing a checkered outfit, she dances in front of a sheet. Next to her, several young women play instruments.

She stands in front of a television. On the television, in color and from the film, Pretty Woman, Edward (Richard Lewis) drives down Hollywood Boulevard. Edward and Vivian (Julia Roberts) pop up from the floor at the hotel room at the same time. Vivian ruffles her hair as she walks on the sidewalk. Edward scoffs while parked on Hollywood Boulevard.

In black-and-white, Cole folds her arms across her chest and counts off her fingers. On the screen, Vivian applies eyeshadow and puts on her boots. In black-and-white, the young women dance on platforms covered with sheets. In color, Vivian sings in the bathtub.

With a negative cut off, Cole’s center is circled in blue. In the top strips, the girls dance, the photographer decides the angle while the film clip is obscured. In the middle, Vivian goes to a polo match, Cole pauses and the guitarist looks in another direction. On the bottom, the reel is cut off.

From the film, Vivian and Edward gaze at one another in bed, their naked backs facing the camera. Vivian, wearing a red gown, opens the door and she fingers the jewels in the necklace Edward gave her.

Cole points and punches at the camera.

From the film, Edward punches his colleague, Phillip (Jason Alexander), protecting Vivian. Edward sits on the couch, staring at Vivian in her blonde, cropped wig. Vivian, sitting naked, moves Edward’s tie over her neck. He walks in and pauses. On the piano, he takes off her coat and carries her.

The film reels are shown again. It is mostly consists of Cole and the band members. The film clips are of Vivian smiling.

From the film, Vivian smiles as she leaves a store on Rodeo Drive. Vivian hugs Edward at her apartment.

In black-and-white, several duplicates of Cole dance alongside her.

From the film, Vivian kisses her finger and then presses it on Edward’s lips as they sit in bed. In black-and-white, Cole swings her jacket above her head. In color, Vivian rests her head on Edward’s shoulder. Vivian holds clothes in the hotel room as she stands against the wall.

On the television screen, Edward kisses Vivian on the fire escape. In black-and-white, Cole puts her jacket on the photographer’s head.

Rating: 2/5

A producer from EMI records reached out to Natalie Cole’s manager and asked if she could add a song on the soundtrack to their parent company’s film, Pretty Woman. After viewing the clips, she judged Vivian as a fervent young woman who walked on Hollywood Boulevard with a client list filled with numerous executives and stars. She said what was on her mind and fell in love, despite herself, with Edward.

Cole, though, doesn’t want to be a part of the story. She’ll advertise it in her video as required. However, she’s still herself and bears no connection or responsibility to the characters featured. She’s separate from the film and a star in her own right.

The clips, though, takes the alternate route and edits out the classic moments. As Vivian shops, she’s unsure of her role in Edward’s life. She isn’t certain he loves her. Vivian thinks of ways to seduce Edward to keep him. Edward does care for her, though. Although not much is known about him other than he’s likely an executive who was too cheap for an escort service and decided to scour Hollywood Boulevard for one night, hoping to find a desperate woman and then drop her after a week.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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    What a stupid review. This was one of Natalie’s best songs.

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