Video Review: Joe “I Wanna Know”

In an alley, a young woman (Claudia Jordan) says to her boyfriend that she’ll call his other girlfriend. He says she’s worried about nothing. “Stressed!” she exclaims, “you not being faithful isn’t a reason to be stressed?” He dismisses it, stating she’s creating drama. “Keep that drama to yourself,” she responds. He walks away, his hand aimed at her.

Joe walks by his friends and taps his friend’s chest. They stop and listen. Joe approaches her and introduces himself. He writes down his phone number, telling it’s real, and for her to call if she wants to talk.

Joe rubs his hands while he stands in his kitchen. She lies in bed and picks up the phone, dialing Joe. They talk for an hour. A few days later, she sits on the couch with him. He flips through the stations. stopping for a music video.

Against the white asymmetrical background, Joe (also in white) sings on stage.

On the couch, Joe points to the television and she kisses him on the cheek.

Wearing a white tank top and khaki pants, she joins him against the white background. She rests her head on his shoulder.

She steps into another room with an arch with cutouts in the navy painted wall. Golden strips flicker, shining into the room. She leans into the room as the rain begins to fall. They sit on the floor.

Against the white background, Joe continues to sing. A duplicate of him sings a few feet away. She walks towards him and they hug.

In the navy painted room, they kiss as the rain falls.

In black-and-white, three male dancers perform a routine.

Joe and his girlfriend finish watching the video on television.

Rating: 2/5

Joe’s friends knew the look. He was going to swoop in and flirt with the young woman. After they walked away, he pumped his fist in the air and said she was going to call him. They had a great chat.

The young woman was embarrassed a handsome guy had overheard her argument with her boyfriend. However, he seemed understanding and even gave him his phone number. She debated calling him, thinking he might be too good to be true. However, they talked and met for drinks. A month later, she was at his house, watching television. It’s as though they had been dating for years.

A year later, she moved in with him. Her parents adore him and ask her if she thinks he’s going to propose. She shrugs, saying she would like him to but doesn’t think he will. However, Joe has been asking friends about rings and visiting stores during his breaks. On Christmas Eve, he will ask her to be his wife.

Director: Billie Woodruff Year: 2000

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