Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly “Golden God”

In a Las Vegas, Nevada hotel room, a cell phone rings. Machine Gun Kelly takes the pillow off his head and presses the button. His friend asks him if he’s asleep and how he’s doing. He rubs his eyes as he answers. His friend tells him to join at the pool party downstairs.

Wearing a yellow robe, he stands by his bed and smokes. He grabs a sequined jacket. He sits at a table full of food and champagne. As he gestures on the balcony, his body in highlighted with dollar bills. An animated helicopter flies over him. He is seen as a duplicate upside down.

Photographers take his photo at an event. He performs by the pool at the hotel. An eagles flies by the Presidential seal as he salutes. He walks into the casino and performs. He jumps into the crowd while models spray water into the crowd. He chugs some liquor.

In the hotel room, marijuana falls from his hands and he clutches the bag to his cheek. The models dance next to him as they slap each other’s butts. Glaring red and yellow light flares up behind him. Animated flames light up his body as he smokes. The product name, Raw, lifts up on the mat.

On the balcony, the animated lightning coats the sky as he spreads his arms. The screen splits into two as he walks into the casino. In the hotel room, he checks out a model’s butt. The models cuddle next to him.

Rating: 0/5

While traveling to Las Vegas for a private performance at one of the premiere hotels, Machine Gun Kelly stays in his room for most of the time and smokes. He and his friends do nothing. The models, who were with him on stage, crowd around him, trying to sleep with him.

They spend a little time in the casino. However, it’s mostly before the show. Traveling is something he has taken for granted. Las Vegas has become another city to tick off his schedule. For him, there’s no value in exploring. He has to leave in a few hours anyway.  Tomorrow is Los Angeles. He’ll stop to see his parents and then head for Portland next. He’ll see the sights from the plane.

Director: Jordan Wozy! Year: 2017

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