Video Review: Daya “New”

In the early evening, Daya rides with her friend to the beach. His friend stops in the middle of the desert. The car burns.

Daya runs out of the car and into the desert. She glances from right to left. In the sunlight, she and her boyfriend kiss on a couch. They run on the rocks. At night, Daya dances near the couch. In the sunlight, her boyfriend tugs at her shirt as they stand between the rock. She kisses him again.

In the evening, Daya contemplates going the near the telephone booth. She runs towards the ocean. During the day, they stand close together in the telephone booth, their foreheads touching. In the evening, she brushes the telephone over her chest and yells into it.

Back in the daytime, she sits on her boyfriend’s back while he rides his bicycle. At night, she spins around in the desert and jumps. A fire travels in a straight line. They stand together, holding hands while the fire burns in a triangle shape around them.

At night, Daya walks into the ocean.

Rating: 2/5

Daya had to relive the memories of her last relationship. Tracing the steps she and her ex-boyfriend once took on the desert evoked nostalgia. For an evening, he was back in her life again. She approached the telephone booth with trepidation, her emotions raw remembering the moment they kissed.  He was passionate and helped her discover herself.

Her friend advised her against going, telling her she would be torturing herself. He fears she may have a breakdown with her herky-jerky dance movements and constant spinning. It’s as though she’s trying to rid his spirit from within her. He wants to be there to help her. However, he’s worried as he watches her walk into the ocean. Will she hurt herself? Is this a sign?

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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