Video Review: Enrique Iglesias “Escape”

On stage, Enrique Iglesias starts the song. A young woman (Anna Kournikova) listens as the fans around her clap. He puts his hands out.

Glancing over his shoulder, he rides a motorcycle in Los Angeles and speeds down on the road. Backstage, the young woman brushes a strand of her blonde hair over her ear.

Back on the stage, he cocks his head and walks away from the microphone. He stumbles backstage and puts his arm around the young woman’s waist. She shoves him away and shakes her head. He puts both hands on her face.

He finds himself at a club. The young woman fixes her hair in the bathroom. He walks in and they make out. Two other women put their hands up and leave. The bouncers remove him from the bathroom.

The stage turns into a parking structure. A police officer drives by and checks a car. Iglesias and the young woman are making out. The cop walks away with his flashlight and shakes his head.

After the encore, people begin to leave. The young woman stays in the audience. He walks over to her and they kiss.

Rating: 3/5

The young blonde woman captivates Enrique Iglesias. While he sings, he fantasizes about meeting her in a club and making out with her. They continue in his car. Although the attraction is immediate and physical, he adores her.

The young woman seems alone and standoffish. He thinks something happened to her. She doesn’t seem to trust him. However, there is a bond between them. She tries to fight against it but ends up falling for him. It was as though it was meant to be. He’s certain for his feelings for her even though she’s isn’t ready to accept it.

At the end of his show, they meet and he finally kisses her. She allows him to touch her. He can feel her melting and giving into him. She’s his one true love.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2002

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